Wild Wednesdays At The Tavern


If you are a fan of karaoke and want to feel like a rock star when you put your bathroom singing skills to use, you have to go to Tavern At The Inn on a Wednesday night! Situated inside the Museum Inn Hotel on Church Street, this place is not easy to find if you are going there for the first time. But you can ask the guys at the entrance of the hotel and they will show you your way around. Along with being karaoke and ladies night, Wednesdays at Tavern are also LGBT Nights. Yes, they actually have one of those! Now I do not know if this is official, but having gone there quite often on Wednesdays, I’m pretty sure it is.

What is exciting is that LGBT night just makes the place so much better! The most fun and open-minded people come together, socialize and sing their favourite songs. Starting from 7 pm, the ladies get to choose two drinks (one large and one small), which can be either beer, rum, whiskey or vodka. Men do not need to frown since they get their share of benefits too! From 4-8 pm, all drinks are served at a 30% discount. That’s a pretty fair deal, I’d say! So for an ideal night, you could go there by 7 pm and start with your drinks, so that you are all pumped up by the time karaoke starts.

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Karaoke starts at 9 pm; usually the host sings a song, followed by the others who give their names for singing. What I love most about the place is that the host is not bias at all and gives everyone a fair chance to sing, whether you are a good singer or not. And that’s what karaoke is all about! There is no stage really, so people who have stage fright need not worry. You just have to stand next to the console and sing, and the crowd comes around. Everyone is sweet and encouraging, especially if you’re nervous. So you can let yourself loose and have a nice time!

Do not forget to try the food! The Chilli and Basil Chicken there was the best I have ever had! Apart from that, we ordered the Salt and Pepper Chicken, which was pretty good too. In fact, both the dishes were so good that we repeated our orders for both, and the food was off the plates within seconds. We also had the Masala Peanuts, which were yummy and were served in massive quantity.

The interiors are nicely done and the place gives you the feel of an English pub. There are low as well as high tables to choose from for seating; alternately, you could always choose a stool at the bar. The waiters are friendly and so is the crowd. This place has always been one of my Wednesday favourites when I’m in Bangalore. People visiting Bangalore should also definitely visit since it does a pretty great job of describing the vibe of this city!

Pic courtesy: Zomato, Thrillophilia

P.S. This place has shut down now.

Karishma Rajan
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