We like to work with new and interesting brands in a non-conventional manner!

If you are a restaurant/hotel, we want to do more than just writing a cliched review about your food, we rather talk about the chef who curates your dishes. If you are a fashion brand, we want to do more than just promote your products, we rather tell our readers about how they’re going to be great value additions to their collections/wardrobes. And if you are an event organizer, we want to tell the people about the personal experiences we went through being a part of something you organized, rather than simply giving them details about it.

We like to get the social out of ‘Social Media’ and provide you with a more personalized approach to market your brand.


Here are some of the ways in which you can work with us:

Content Marketing Campaigns

Online/Offline Public Relations

Collaborated Content (Articles/Videos)

Social Media Management


Brands We Have Worked With:

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For more details and collaborations, send us an email at knock@thefirstfork.com or simply call on 7507214685.

We’d love to hear from you!