When The Rabbit Joins The Rat Race

A place that gets its name from the famous rabbit and tortoise story that has been a part of each one of our childhoods, The Black Rabbit opened up quite about a year ago on the always-buzzing 100 feet road of Indiranagar. With its explicit golden nameplate outside, this place is elegantly done on the inside as well and has a nice, chill vibe to it.

black rabbit 3

For seating, you have options of sitting inside or outside; outside is way better I’d say! I went with a friend on a breezy Sunday evening and chose one of the tables next to the entrance. The menu is elaborate – they have a wide variety of wines ranging right from White and Red to Rose. So if you are a connoisseur of wine and are particular about choosing what goes best with your food, this is definitely the place for you! Apart from that, they have some interesting cocktails lined up with spirits such as Ciroc, Ketel One and Tanquerey, stuff that you do not generally get to see at bars here in India. If you’re a beer person, you must give their handcrafted beers a try!

black rabbit

The food is decent, not over-priced for a place on 100 feet road, and comes with a variety of options as well. I tried the Crispy Potato Skins. Served with sour cream and salsa, they are good to munch on and are pretty filling as well. For main course, the burgers make a terrific choice! I tried the Jack Daniels Bacon Burger – it wasn’t like one of those super-messy burgers with too much filling which are a task to eat, nor was it inadequate on the size of the patty or its flavor. Succulent and delicious, it was in fact one of the best burgers I’ve had.

black rabbit 1-min

The staff is kind and tends to your needs without you having to ask twice. They give you a strangely funny feedback form in the end, which asks random questions like “Do you believe in aliens?” and “Was Ron being with Hermione a good idea?” I didn’t really see the point of that but I guess it works as a good icebreaker and keeps you entertained whilst you answer other questions about the restaurant.

Overall, it’s a lovely place and I’d definitely want to go back there again and try out other things on their menu!

Picture Courtesy: veen83, coupondunia, trover

Karishma Rajan

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