When in Bangalore, do the LOCAL stuff!

Standing true to its name, The Local – Terrace Drinkery, situated in Koramangala, is not too done up, but is a pleasant place to go drinking and catch up with a few friends on any given day of the week. The brick walls, the potted plants, the fairy lights and the vibe around the whole place could give you the illusion of sitting at one of the places in Goa, it did at least for me.

I went there on a Friday night and the place was packed. We had to wait around a bit and let the mosquitoes feast on our feet till we got ourselves a table. I wouldn’t blame the place for the mosquitoes, cause the staff did try to help us by placing a coil under our table but the little creatures still managed to be around all night, which is why I had to mention it. One thing that I really liked about the place is the volume at which they play the music. A lot of pubs/lounges tend to get really loud, especially on weekends, and that could get annoying. The music at Local is just perfect; you can listen to it as well as have a decent conversation with the people you are with.

Wooden seating arrangement
Wooden seating arrangement

The service, I admit, was not that great in the beginning. It was a Friday, the place was packed, and all of their staff looked quite occupied. We had to literally ask for glasses of water, the first thing that should be served to you the moment you sit at a table in any place. However, when the food arrived, it sort of managed to make up for the service. We had the cheesy fries, chilly pork, beef cheese burger and steamed chicken momos. The fries had a good finish to them but tasted a little bland because of less salt. The rest of the food, for that price, was really delicious! I was very impressed with the presentation of the momos since they were served neatly in the classic momo case made out of cane. The chutney was yummy too and that easily made the dish my favourite one for the night.


As far as drinks are concerned, I’d say the prices are quite reasonable since you can get a large peg of Antiquity Blue for a mere 300 bucks and a pint of Peroni for 250 bucks. Yes, 250! I have never seen that price for a Peroni anywhere! They have other brands of bottled beers such as Hoegarden and Heineken, too. Do not order the tower or the pitcher since the draught beer is Foster’s and is honestly, not that great. The cocktails are quite a disappointment too. The Classic Mojito and Strawberry Margarita that we ordered were both, too strong and not tasty at all. The Black Russian was decent but not the best.

Veg Pizza
Veg Pizza

Overall, the place is quite good since it goes easy on the pocket. Quick tip to the manager – a cocktail making workshop for the bartenders would definitely make the place more credible!

Pic courtesy: Local, Peachsnaps

Karishma Rajan

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