Lamb Burger

What better place to get grub other than The Grub Hub!

Bengali, Malabari, Mangalorean, Coorgi, whatever be the kind of cuisine you are in the mood for, you can hop right off to Grub Hub without second thoughts and get amazing chicken, beef or pork curries made in any of these styles! Along with these curries, which are served with rice/paratha and salad, this newly opened place also gives you options of biryani, pasta, salads, burgers and rolls to choose from. Their menu simply covers one side of a board, but accommodates pretty much anything that you’d have in mind for a good, satisfying meal.

I went there on a Thursday night for dinner with a friend. In spite of the place being small, the first look of it is highly appealing. They have indoor seating, as well as two tables on the outside. The setting reminded me of a lot of small places in Pune, where I am originally from, because if which, I instantly fell in love with it. The pretty, white chairs along with the green walls added a sense of elegance to it. Each table is neatly arranged with mats, glass water bottles, glasses, sauces and cute dispensers for salt and pepper.

I decided to try out the Beef Curry served with Rice and Salad, while my friend went in for the Veg Arrabiata Pasta. For drinks, we chose to have the Cranpleberry Fizz, which is essentially a mix of cranberry and apple, and Mint Lemonade. Both the dishes were beautifully presented and were served in massive quantities. The Beef Curry was well cooked and was absolutely delicious! And, it was just for 160 bucks! Yes, for that price, it was a definite steal! The pasta was cooked in spaghetti style and was served with garlic bread. It was spicy just how we had asked for it to be, but lacked salt. Apart from that, the flavour was good. However, the beef curry was much better. I’d say the drinks were not exactly the best, the Cranpleberry Fizz was a little sour than it needed to be and the Mint Lemonade had this one particular ingredient in it, which I cannot put my finger on, but that made its overall taste a little disappointing. So I wouldn’t exactly recommend them.

The service was brilliant and the owner came up to us and gave us suggestions for the food, keeping into account our taste buds. She also told us about how they keep changing the styles in which they cook the different curries on a weekly basis and have varieties in their desserts as well. I have to say I was highly impressed.

We were happy customers and what made us even happier was the bill. They do not charge tax! I don’t remember the last time I went to a place in Indiranagar and had my bill increase by almost one fourth of its original amount simply because of the tax. So this place was surely a delight and was very refreshing. I would definitely want to go back there again and try out their Bengali and Mangalorean style curries. And yes, if I’m not too full after the meal, some dessert too!

Beef Curry with Rice
Beef Curry with Rice
Caramel Custard
Caramel Custard

Pasta Arrabiata Veg at Grub Hub

Karishma Rajan

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