sherlock pub crawl

We attended this exciting AXN Pub Crawl in Pune and totally nailed it!


We’ve all drooled over the talented and gorgeous Benedict Cumberbatch. His nonchalant demeanour with that English wit is what makes him such an iconic detective on screen. It was only befitting that being big Sherlock fans; we reveled in Benedict Cumberbatch’s birthday in the most fun way possible – a pub crawl! Forking Team members – Sanaa Nalwalla and Arpan Panicker teamed up and took up the challenge.

The AXN-hosted event allowed us to experience what it would be like to be in Sherlock’s shoes as we hopped from one pub to the other. The rules were simple; we had five set locations with one respective cos-player linked to a venue awaiting the participants. All we had to do is answer the question correctly, finish our (free) drinks and starters, take a selfie with the cos-player and move on to the next venue. The first one/team to make it to the last destination was crowned winner and won exciting gifts.

We started off from High Spirits, where Molly kick-started the crawl with the first question, after which we made our way to Agent’s Jack where Mrs. Hudson was kind enough to ask us an easy question, which we answered with ease. The delicious coffee and orange drink at Agents Jack’s made sure we were on our way to being happy high! Swiftly, when the other teams started to show up, we bolted and made our way to One Lounge followed by Penthouze. The good part was that we had some competition! Neck-to-neck with another team, we raced each other to the final destination, Hard Rock Cafe, and emerged VICTORIOUS! The Forking Team had done it!

sherlock pub crawl pune winners
Say hello to the winners!

Unleashing the competitive spirit with umpteen amount of fun, the Forking Team won the pub crawl. Not to forget, the exciting AXN merch along with bragging rights! Would we do it again? Hell yeah!

Keep checking in, we will be looking out for more of such fun events to take part in.

Picture Courtesy: PBS

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