Tuck Out, Break In


I had gone to this place for breakfast on one of the Sundays when I was active enough not to simply laze around in bed. The moment I entered the place, I fell in love with it! The place was not too big and not too small, and managed to fit just the right amount of tables. The fresh ambiance and young vibe reminded me of some of my favourite breakfast places in Pune. There was a brick wall on one side filled with cute illustrations, graphics and paintings, which were also on sale. Another thing that caught my attention were the hand-painted coasters, which said ‘The Tuck Shop’. I wouldn’t say that the coasters were an entirely new concept, but they did manage to give the place a very raw and homely feeling.

The Tuck Shop1mb-min
What I liked the most about this place was that the English breakfast was not disappointing at all, which is the case at most of the breakfast places around. Unless you know exactly what to order, the experience can be quite disheartening and leave you feeling full but completely dissatisfied. Egg (you can choose the type of egg you want it to be), toast, bacon, mashed potato, beans, sausages, caramelized onions and mushrooms, The English Dictator gives you all the things you would expect in an ideal English breakfast. You also get to choose a cup of coffee/tea or a glass of fresh juice, depending on what you are in the mood for.

tuck shop-min
Apart from the English breakfast, the rest of the menu is quite interesting too. There are pancakes and waffles available if you are there to tend to your sweet tooth. The staff is sweet and provides good service. Overall, it is a nice place. The next time someone asks me for a good place to have breakfast at, I’d definitely recommend this one.

Picture Courtesy: Manuscrypts, Fork Tales, Food Porn Diaries

Karishma Rajan
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