Second Waffle Food Truck Opens Its Doors To Pune

Just when you thought the only way to end a hectic day was to head to the city’s most popular waffle food truck, Henny’s, the city gives you something more to think about. That’s right! There’s a new food truck in town, which is all set to charm Puneites with its fresh and crunchy waffles. And it’s called Waffle Window!


5 Amazing Food Trucks In Pune – Published on Gobble

From being a city famous for its Garden Vada Pav and Bedekar Misal to the likes of speciality food restaurants such as Savya Rasa and Sante Spa Cuisine, Pune has had its share of growth with regards to the food culture. The plethora of young college kids here have joints such as Burger Barn Cafe and Chai as their all-time favourites whereas the newer joints such as Where Else Cafe and Sauteed Stories may be enjoyed more by the older corporate lot. However, a concept which is extremely new to the city and is enjoyed by all age groups is that of food trucks!


Truckload of Waffles

Did someone say waffles? And wait, did someone say truck? That’s right! There’s a new food truck in town and it is selling waffles! Strawberry, nutella, caramel, oreo, banana, maple syrup – choose an individual flavour, or team two of them together. The pricing remains the same – 100 bucks for a full waffle and 60 bucks for a half. And if you want to team two together, caramel-banana would be the best choice and will make you go Wow-ffles! They also sprinkle cinnamon on the top!