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We Found Our SweetSpot! Make Way For Samiya Ahmed – #Forkers

You know he/she is the one for you when they manage to hit your sweet spot. Well, guess what? Our next #Forker IS the SweetSpot! Make way for Samiya Ahmed, a Patisserie Chef from Le Cordon Bleu, London. Curating, experimenting and creating new mouth-watering delicacies each day, Samiya has been successfully running her home-baking business under the name of SweetSpot in Pune for three years now. She is well known for her French delicacies and absolutely enjoys the time she spends baking! Her desserts are each better than the other; so much so that most people who try them want to marry her! Too bad for them, we have already called our dibs on her. Haha!

We got together with Samiya to get an insight into her journey so far and understand her future plans. And here’s what we gathered: