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The New And Improved Carnival

One of the places that has been around in Pune since almost a decade now, the Carnival has recently been renovated and has a very impressive new look now. Individual huts – gone, low tables with floor seating – gone, the singular level of restaurant space – gone! Each and everything about the restaurant has been changed, excepting the name, which is a good call, I’d say.

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Truckload of Waffles

Did someone say waffles? And wait, did someone say truck? That’s right! There’s a new food truck in town and it is selling waffles! Strawberry, nutella, caramel, oreo, banana, maple syrup – choose an individual flavour, or team two of them together. The pricing remains the same – 100 bucks for a full waffle and 60 bucks for a half. And if you want to team two together, caramel-banana would be the best choice and will make you go Wow-ffles! They also sprinkle cinnamon on the top!

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Food Story – A Delicious Story Indeed

If you’re a foodie and are bored of going to the same kind of places in the city, worry not, because with the opening up of Food Story you definitely have something exciting to look forward to! Lined up against the bunch of places at City Point on Dhole Patil Road, the first look of the place brought up three words in my head – sophisticated, minimalist and inviting. With the use of two major colours for the interiors, grey and white, the ambiance is simple and boasts of exquisite lighting on the ceiling as well as the walls.

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Red and white, and the best kind of spice!

Whether it’s the spice from green chillies, the hot tinge from the wasabi on sushi, or the mixed flavours of garam masalas, spicy food gives your taste pallete a whole new experience and well, at least for me, will always be an undeniable part of my favoured food. One of the oldest and best kind of spicy food is the very popular Mahashtrian food – Kolhapuri! And if you are looking for an ultimate Kolhapuri food experience, Shambhavi Kolhapur Darbaar in Pune is one place you must try.

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