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A Sneak Peek Into The Life Of The Head Chef At Elephant and Co – Say Hello to Sohini Bhattacharya! – #Forkers

Have you ever experienced that feeling where you go to a restaurant and eat its food and the first thing you want to do is to go and give the chef a tight kiss? At the expense of sounding creepy, I have! Multiple times. And a lot of those times were at Elephant and Co gastropub. Known for its delicious and experimental cocktails, this bar has been one of my favourites since the time it opened its gates last year in May. From then till now, they have tried to experiment with a lot of dishes, bringing in fun elements such as serving teriyaki chicken in a bowl made out of a real pineapple. However, not all of them received the response they expected.

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Living The Passion For Food At Krusty’s!

The passion for food drove Dr Vidya Joshi and her son Rohan to establish Krusty’s in 2013. After going through many potential markets in Pune, the mother-son duo set up their first outlet in Kothrud. From originally serving pizzas, sandwiches and desserts to bagging the Times Food Awards two years in a row, Krusty’s has constantly remoulded itself and how! Today, their new outlet in the developing Kharadi can be spotted at the World Trade Centre in the EON Free Zone.

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Start Your Day With This Appetizing Breakfast At Dinshaw’s!

For me, a perfect Sunday starts with an appetizing breakfast! And that’s exactly what I experienced a few days ago when I found myself seated at a petite and cozy cafe, placed just around the corner of lane 6 at Koregaon Park on a sunny Sunday morning. I entered Dinshaw’s Xpress Café to the sound of pleasant chatter and a waft of tummy-rumbling aroma! It was no wonder then that I ended up having a taste of almost everything on their breakfast menu!

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Abyangam – The Perfect Mid-Week Stress Buster

What is good health? Good health can be achieved by eating right, sleeping for adequate hours and maintaining a clean and hygienic body. But how many of us actually manage to accomplish all of this? With my late working hours, insomniac nature and unhealthy eating habits, I know I absolutely don’t! So I decided to give my body some pampering and care in the form of a massage. This form of Ayurvedic massage, popularly known as Abhyanga or Abyangam, is one of the most important massages for achieving good health and longevity. It also helps to prevent aging, reduces fatigue and diminishes other harmful effects caused to our bodies during the course of our hectic routines.

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Say Hello to NIBM’s New Drinking Hole – Beto’s!

You know that feeling when you really want to grab a drink at the end of the day but are lazy to step out because it involves traveling a few kilometers? Everyone does! You then probably cancel the plan and decide to sit at home and watch a movie. But imagine waking up one day and realizing that there is a new bar right next door where you can drop by for a few quick drinks along with yummy bites! Yes, NIBM’s newest gastro pub, Beto’s, is the perfect example of a boon in disguise for its residents.

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Discovering Cine-Grub At Lost The Plot

Surrounded by the city’s skyline, under a blanket of stars, along with whiffs of cool breeze for company, Lost The Plot, Pune’s only rooftop cinema offers an experience that is absolutely beautiful and overwhelming! And with their newly introduced menu, what they like to call ‘cine-grub’, there is no reason you shouldn’t stop by for a magical evening.

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Live Long and Prosper With These ‘Star Trek Beyond – Smirnoff Cocktails’

There are all types of drinkers. There are those who enjoy their whiskey on the rocks and then there are those who live life perpetually looking forward to that first sip of chilled beer after a hard day’s work. There are wine drinkers and then there are the Old Monk lovers, a hefty bunch of them! While alcohol can be enjoyed in all forms and its purpose could be either unwinding or celebration, what is important is that the drinker must be able to enjoy his drink. And one of best forms in which drinks can be enjoyed is in the form of cocktails!

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My Food. My Rules. myDaily.

I am a big foodie! If the number of food reviews on my blog and the constant food posts on all my social media handles does not prove it then I don’t know what will. I can eat food anytime and anywhere, especially if the food is my favourite. But some days I just don’t feel it. I wake up in the morning and conveniently start my day directly with lunch not even realizing that I missed the most important meal of the day! Reason? Maybe I woke up late, I had an early morning work skype call or I was caught up with submissions. The food that mom cooked was just not appealing enough for me and I had no time to get something together for myself.

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It’s getting Cold In Here – Minus 301 Fahrenheit

Confusing title? Pune is nothing close to cold at the moment! The constant waves of heat in the air through the day and into the night make us literally want to kill someone. What can make it better? A dip in a swimming pool? 24 hours of air-conditioning? Or simply giving up on food since it is too hot to even eat? Being a foodie, giving up on food is not an option for me, but I surely am picky about what I want to eat and when. And this season, the only thing that truly managed to fill my heart with delight is ice-cream from the newly opened Minus 301 Fahrenheit in Viman Nagar! (apart from homemade aamras, of course!)

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Truckload of Waffles

Did someone say waffles? And wait, did someone say truck? That’s right! There’s a new food truck in town and it is selling waffles! Strawberry, nutella, caramel, oreo, banana, maple syrup – choose an individual flavour, or team two of them together. The pricing remains the same – 100 bucks for a full waffle and 60 bucks for a half. And if you want to team two together, caramel-banana would be the best choice and will make you go Wow-ffles! They also sprinkle cinnamon on the top!

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