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Loaded Nachos at Lost The Plot

Discovering Cine-Grub At Lost The Plot

Surrounded by the city’s skyline, under a blanket of stars, along with whiffs of cool breeze for company, Lost The Plot, Pune’s only rooftop cinema offers an experience that is absolutely beautiful and overwhelming! And with their newly introduced menu, what they like to call ‘cine-grub’, there is no reason you shouldn’t stop by for a magical evening.


An Evening Full Of Zest At This Lovely Oktoberfest

For most people, food is the best thing in the world. For a lot of others, beer is better than food. Or rather, beer IS their food! They’d even change the tongue-twister, ‘Betty bought some butter’ to ‘Betty bought some beer’. Or she bought both and made butter beer? And got an Express Entry into Hogwarts Gryffindor team! Okay, Non-Potter fans, don’t leave, we’ll stop.


Shaan-E-Punjab at Cinnamon Spice in Season Hotel – Yay or Nay?

I’m not a big fan of food festivals. The idea of me liking some food item and then that probably not being available on the menu after a certain period of time gives me a feeling of anxiety and panic. Drama, you’d say! But what’s life without a little drama, right? However, I decided to change the rules and went ahead to try the Punjabi Food Festival, Shaan-E-Punjab at the Cinnamon Spice Restaurant by Seasons Hotel.


It’s getting Cold In Here – Minus 301 Fahrenheit

Confusing title? Pune is nothing close to cold at the moment! The constant waves of heat in the air through the day and into the night make us literally want to kill someone. What can make it better? A dip in a swimming pool? 24 hours of air-conditioning? Or simply giving up on food since it is too hot to even eat? Being a foodie, giving up on food is not an option for me, but I surely am picky about what I want to eat and when. And this season, the only thing that truly managed to fill my heart with delight is ice-cream from the newly opened Minus 301 Fahrenheit in Viman Nagar! (apart from homemade aamras, of course!)


Japan In A Plate At Miyuki

When you want to have some good Misal Pav, the first place that comes to your mind is Pune. Similarly, for Idli-Dosa, you know you would get the best kind in either Bangalore or Chennai, and for the best Butter Chicken, you can be assured that no one can do it better than Delhi or Punjab. But what do you do when you feel like having some good Japanese food? Living in a city like Pune, I had convinced myself that the closest I got to having authentic Japanese food was the meal I had at Kyoto in Nepal, and that I would probably have to pay a visit to the place again to get that experience. However, I was mistaken! Miyuki, located at DoubleTree by Hilton, literally brings Japan here to you.