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‘Hop In’ to the Newest Neighbourhood Bar in Kalyani Nagar!

The perfect space to unwind, enjoy a cocktail or two or have that long-awaited reunion, Hop In, previously located at Viman Nagar, has now opened its doors in the plush by-lanes of Kalyani Nagar!

We just ‘hopped in’ over the weekend, as they just got their liquor license *happy dance* and managed to tuck in to some of the super-delicious bar snacks and meals they offer. They claim they introduced the concept of ‘pauvas’ in the city, and have a wall full of those small bottles, plus also use them for serving drinks! While they have started pouring out drinks, we especially paid special heed to the food that was laid out in front of us.

Hop In - Kalyani Nagar
Hop In – Kalyani Nagar

To start with, we ordered the Masala Fish Fingers (INR 250) that were finger-sized pieces of Basa, crumbed and fried to pure perfection. Served piping hot with a lovely tartare sauce, this one is a must-have! Our next pick was the Dhokala Pakoda (INR 200), a unique take on the Gujju fav with thecha-slathered pieces of dhokala, pakoda-batter fried and served with some more of that spicy thecha on the side. Spice lovers, this one should be on your list!

Our final choice was the Roast Chicken Burger (INR 180), a complete meal in itself; it came with a house salad, fresh fries, and ketchup. We loved the made-from-scratch patty that was moist and perfectly seasoned.

Dhokla Pakoda at Hop In
Dhokla Pakoda at Hop In

The place is nicely done up in terms of its ambience as well – they have an outer section that is recommended during the evenings, the inner is divided into two levels, upper and lower. To remind its patrons they are the ‘go-to neighbourhood bar’, Hop In has featured various creative aspects – a wall with 16000 marbles, quirky roof, and walls and creative paintings across the place.

We’re so excited to have such a fun place right in Pune and will without a doubt we will ‘hop in’ every time we feel like having a chilled drink or just a quick bite!


This Brit-American Themed Bar in Chandni Chowk Is Sure To Become Your Weekend Haven

Imagine being in a west-worldly bar where you are pleasured with the rhythm of live performance music! Legacy is just that – a Brit-American themed bar at the famous Garden Court Restaurant located by the NDA Road of Pune. With live gigs that play every Saturday evening, this place is sure to become your weekend haven.

Located on top of a small hill, it’s the perfect location for a surprise date with your loved one or simply to have a chilled beer with a couple of friends. Serene and vibrant, the place has a charm of its own. The humble staff and cozy interiors will make you so comfortable, you just wouldn’t want to leave!

Legacy offers a wide range of cocktails and also has happy hours every day! When it comes to satisfying your taste buds, there are a plethora of options to choose from. We called for the perfectly cheesy and crispy Cheese Onion Rings and the Shahi Akbari Murg Kebab for starters. The kebabs were simply succulent, while the char-grilled chicken came with a mild flavour of cashew and rose petals in it.

The Fried Chicken Wings came with perfectly spiced batter and were served in three variations – extra hot, cajun and lemon chilly. There was also the perfectly seasoned Fish Portofino, served with the creamiest mashed potatoes you’ll ever have.

Portofino Grilled Fish at Legacy
Portofino Grilled Fish at Legacy

The pizzas at Legacy are cheesy, homely and perfect comfort food for a cold Pune evening. Legacy also holds Bladder Burst events every Thursday! For the uninitiated, this is a scene where you can drink all the beer you want for just Rs. 499/- but only until you visit the loo. So, To Pee Or Not To Pee? That is the question!

Head over to Legacy Bar for some fun times full of delicious food and live music!

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Raspberry Moonshine Cocktail at Elephant and Co – #TFFRedFest

The last festival of the year is finally here! The countdown has hit zero and it’s time to bring to you guys the last pick of our #TFFRedFest. And it’s none other than the delicious Raspberry Moonshine Cocktail at Elephant and Co Gastro Pub!

Served in a martini glass, this drink is perfect for ladies although a lot of men would love to indulge in it too! Go ahead guys, we don’t judge! A beautiful concoction of gin mixed with raspberries, this cocktail promises a fun night and always lives up to it. And with free popcorn by your side (yes, they give free pop corn!) it’s hard not to have a good time. A glass of this would cost you INR 320 on a normal day and INR 100 on Fridays (you read that right, 100!)

Raspberry Moonshine Cocktail at Elephant and Co
Raspberry Moonshine Cocktail at Elephant and Co

Some of the other cocktails at Elephant and Co which we love are the Jasmine Alger, Elephant Sour, Pink Elephant and Jager Tiara. Their sangrias are really yummy too!

We believe in keeping the best for the last so it’s no doubt then that this pick had to be announced on Day Zero. So put on your Santa hats and head to Elephant and Co this Christmas to try out this yummy drink!

Have a Raspberry Merry Christmas!