With Friendship’s Day Just Around The Corner, Here Is A Quick Drive Through Memory Lane

This Friendship’s Day, we are taking you down the road of nostalgia, recounting all the places in Pune which you would have spent with your gang. Serving as a rite of passage from your school days to the adult you’ve now become, these places are not only iconic but also play along on the friendship theme. How? Read on to find out!

1441 Pizzeria, Andheri, Mumbai

1441 Pizzeria – A New, Exciting Place For Passionate Lovers Of Italian Food

A perfect meal for friends and impromptu get-togethers, the pizza is an Italian delight that has found a large number of patrons across the globe. In fact, many non-European countries are so fond of it that they mark their love for the dish with a National Pizza Month dedicated to it. Originally prepared on the Italian lands of Napoli (now Naples) with Sardinian bread and Sicilian cheese, it is the coordinates of this place which gave name to this new ‘across the kitchen counter’ pizza place in town, called 1441 Pizzeria.


Game of Beers – A Review of The Beer Café

They say when in Rome, do as the Romans do, and when in Germany do as the Germans do. The same goes for any other place in the world. But what if you are given a chance to do things like any of these people while sitting only at one place here in Pune?  Yes! That is the kind of experience The Beer Café is here to offer! The last time I a witnessed a pretty impressive collection of imported brands of beer was at Best Brews, but I have to say that after checking out what The Beer Café has to offer I was left feeling equally amazed.


Going Cray Cray With Food at Krusty’s

Winter is coming! In fact, it’s here already. Yes, I know that more than the actual season, it is Game of Thrones that this line reminds all of us of. But along with that, winter is the time for lovely, warm clothes, Christmas celebrations, and, of course, preparing that list of resolutions you are never going to end up following. Along with these happy things, one more thing that is going to make you happier this season is the New Winter Menu at Krusty’s! I was invited by them to try out the dishes and I am going to tell you about the ones you simply do not want to miss.