Vibrant Red Hair Colour by Sherie’s Beauty Salon and Institute – #TFFRedFest

If you have ‘red’ our recent articles, you’ll know that this Christmas season, we have been talking about all things RED! We think it’s a great way to celebrate the #CountdownToChristmas and finally make our way to the big day when Santa comes hopping away in his red costume to distribute gifts and goodies.

In the same spirit, our red pick for today is Red Hair Colour by Sherie’s Beauty Salon and Institute. Yes, we think there is no threshold to how red you want to go this season so it’s totally okay to go ahead and put your hair through this extreme change!


Say Hello to NIBM’s New Drinking Hole – Beto’s!

You know that feeling when you really want to grab a drink at the end of the day but are lazy to step out because it involves traveling a few kilometers? Everyone does! You then probably cancel the plan and decide to sit at home and watch a movie. But imagine waking up one day and realizing that there is a new bar right next door where you can drop by for a few quick drinks along with yummy bites! Yes, NIBM’s newest gastro pub, Beto’s, is the perfect example of a boon in disguise for its residents.