Food Story – A Delicious Story Indeed

If you’re a foodie and are bored of going to the same kind of places in the city, worry not, because with the opening up of Food Story you definitely have something exciting to look forward to! Lined up against the bunch of places at City Point on Dhole Patil Road, the first look of the place brought up three words in my head – sophisticated, minimalist and inviting. With the use of two major colours for the interiors, grey and white, the ambiance is simple and boasts of exquisite lighting on the ceiling as well as the walls.


Khavanu, Peevanu, Majani Life!

The moment I heard that Sodabottleopenerwala was opening up in Bangalore, the first thought that came to my head was that the city would finally get to know what a delicious, authentic vada pav tastes like! I think the city has had its taste of all the other weird burger-like preparations at outlets like Goli, but being the Maharashtrian that I am, only I know how disappointing they are. I was, of course, really excited about the other food at SBOW as well, but boasting about their vada pav is what I went on about on my Instagram feed and Facebook timeline.