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Everybody loves a routine. Well, almost everybody! But many a time, life gets boring when it’s all the same, each time, every time. Especially with the mundane work routines that many of us find ourselves trapped in. Sometimes, it’s a relief to take a break from the monotony of patterns.

1441 Pizzeria, Andheri, Mumbai

1441 Pizzeria – A New, Exciting Place For Passionate Lovers Of Italian Food

A perfect meal for friends and impromptu get-togethers, the pizza is an Italian delight that has found a large number of patrons across the globe. In fact, many non-European countries are so fond of it that they mark their love for the dish with a National Pizza Month dedicated to it. Originally prepared on the Italian lands of Napoli (now Naples) with Sardinian bread and Sicilian cheese, it is the coordinates of this place which gave name to this new ‘across the kitchen counter’ pizza place in town, called 1441 Pizzeria.