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The Juicy Red Beetroot Dim Sums at Kinki – #TFFRedFest

The excitement for Christmas us building up and so is our excitement about the #TFFRedFest! A one-of-its-kind fest, it entails us introducing you to ten awesome red things around the city. And how can ‘AWESOME’ be defined without food?

Hence, our pick for the #TFFRedFest for today is the Red Beetroot Dimsums at Kinki. As unusual as the combination may sound at the first sound of it, these dimsums are a delight to eat and an even better delight to look at. A portion of it will cost you around INR 300, which, we agree, is a little on the higher side, but then again, how often do you come across beetroot dimsums? Get Christmasy this season and head over to Balewadi Highstreet to give these a try. This one’s a part of the new menu so you might not be able to spot it on the Ala Carte menu but you can definitely ask the waiter for it. We’re confident that this article will ‘beet’ you to it!

Kinki - Modern Asian Cuisine
Kinki – Modern Asian Cuisine

Catching up with the trend of molecular bars in the city, Kinki boasts of an exclusive menu with other intriguing dishes such as Garlic Beef Baos, Vietnamese Rolls and Drunken Mushrooms. Call for a glass of Captain Kinki or a Smoked Pimm’s Cup and it’s sure to add the perfect zest to your meal!

So head over to Kinki for an extravagant meal with your family, friends or loved one and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed! We ‘root’ for it.

For more details and prices, check out their Facebook or Zomato pages.

Picture Courtesy: Belly of the Pig, Balewadi High Street

Chef Himanshu Saini
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North Indian Munda Turned Head Chef – Himanshu Saini – #Forkers

As children, when we ate yummy food, not always did we give thought to what exactly has been put into a dish or the kind of effort that has gone into putting it together. That’s what made our next #Forker, Himanshu Saini, different than the other kids he grew up with! Coming from a family of Punjabi foodies, he would love to spend time in the kitchen and conjure up new dishes for his food-loving family. From the street food lanes of Chandi-Chowk to the Tresind in Dubai, where he works today, Chef Himanshu Saini stands at the fountainhead of progressive Indian cooking globally! All of 28, Himanshu currently heads this post-modernist Indian restaurant in Dubai. The two year-old restaurant is literally ‘reclaiming the Indian element in modern cuisine’.