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Russian Chef Vadim Cooks Up A Teppanyaki Storm In Bangalore

There were audible gasps as knives flew and a fire erupted, with flames almost touching the roof. “I hope this is not too hot for you!” a mischievous, smiley face popped up from the behind the screen of flames. Knife-juggling, setting things on fire and Bruno Mars – not the first things one would expect at an Asian dine-out. All of this and more is what we experienced at the Teppan Fest with Chef Vadim Shin.

Organized at Zen, The Leela Palace, Bangalore, this interactive culinary journey was one of the many Chef Vadim has been curating since the time he moved to Bangalore from Moscow, back in 2009. Blown away by his exquisite showmanship, the beautifully plated Teppanyaki treats and the soulful singing (yes, you read that right, singing!), we couldn’t resist wanting to know more about his journey so far. And that’s exactly what we did! Say hello to our next #Forker, Chef Vadim Shin.