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A Big Feast at the Smallest Cafe in India

“Wanna go to Smally’s? It’s a really small place,” I said. My roommate looked at me cynically, “I’m sure it is!” Laughter followed and we decided to go try this place out. Smally’s, is, in fact, the smallest café in India and is popularly known for its amazing burgers and pizzas.

Situated in Ulsoor, next to Watson’s, this place is not exactly easy to locate since there is precisely just one brick wall displayed with the name on it. The entrance is two black doors; the size of the doors is of a wooden closet. Spiral steps that take you up give you the illusion of being on the way to a rooftop and well, you pretty much feel like you’re sitting in an attic once you get there. But it’s exactly these things that make the place intriguing and interesting and will make you fall in love with it.