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Start Your Day With This Appetizing Breakfast At Dinshaw’s!

For me, a perfect Sunday starts with an appetizing breakfast! And that’s exactly what I experienced a few days ago when I found myself seated at a petite and cozy cafe, placed just around the corner of lane 6 at Koregaon Park on a sunny Sunday morning. I entered Dinshaw’s Xpress Café to the sound of pleasant chatter and a waft of tummy-rumbling aroma! It was no wonder then that I ended up having a taste of almost everything on their breakfast menu!


Abyangam – The Perfect Mid-Week Stress Buster

What is good health? Good health can be achieved by eating right, sleeping for adequate hours and maintaining a clean and hygienic body. But how many of us actually manage to accomplish all of this? With my late working hours, insomniac nature and unhealthy eating habits, I know I absolutely don’t! So I decided to give my body some pampering and care in the form of a massage. This form of Ayurvedic massage, popularly known as Abhyanga or Abyangam, is one of the most important massages for achieving good health and longevity. It also helps to prevent aging, reduces fatigue and diminishes other harmful effects caused to our bodies during the course of our hectic routines.

Bacon, Beer, Cheese Soup with Chicken at The Bar & Eatery

The Bar And Eatery – Koregaon Park’s Favourite Bar Next Door

Something about this place made me relate it to the boy next door. Modest, charming, not trying too hard but still very confident of what it wants to offer! A bar that has been around since a few months now but is quite hidden amidst so many other things happening in the middle of Lane 6 and Lane 7, The Bar and Eatery has the potential to instantly make it to your list of favourites in the city!


Load Up Your Drinks And Fuel Your Appetite, Kargo is Here!

I had made concrete assumptions about the fact that Bangalore is THE place to be if you’re a foodie and love trying out new restaurants. However, the recent changes and pop-ups in the Pune food scene have been taking me by surprise with places such as Callow with their yummy Popsicle menu or Elephant and Co with their brilliant whiskey cocktails. But after my dinner today at the newly opened restaurant, Kargo, I’m positive that my judgment was wrong!


Jack Of All Trade Takes You On A Bar Escapade

Pune has a young and fun culture! While restaurants and lounges do see a mixed crowd of all age groups, you will always come across a bunch of youngsters who are out there partying and killing it, even on weekdays. And that means that one of their top priorities is to find cheap alcohol! The club syndrome (having drinking scenes at places like Ladies Club, Residency Club and Boat Club, etc.) has been around since forever and is never going to die due to the super affordable rates (60 bucks for a large Old Monk! Yes, true story!). However, with the opening up of new drinking holes every day in the city, people experiment.


Going Cray Cray With Food at Krusty’s

Winter is coming! In fact, it’s here already. Yes, I know that more than the actual season, it is Game of Thrones that this line reminds all of us of. But along with that, winter is the time for lovely, warm clothes, Christmas celebrations, and, of course, preparing that list of resolutions you are never going to end up following. Along with these happy things, one more thing that is going to make you happier this season is the New Winter Menu at Krusty’s! I was invited by them to try out the dishes and I am going to tell you about the ones you simply do not want to miss.