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With Friendship’s Day Just Around The Corner, Here Is A Quick Drive Through Memory Lane

This Friendship’s Day, we are taking you down the road of nostalgia, recounting all the places in Pune which you would have spent with your gang. Serving as a rite of passage from your school days to the adult you’ve now become, these places are not only iconic but also play along on the friendship theme. How? Read on to find out!

sherlock pub crawl

We attended this exciting AXN Pub Crawl in Pune and totally nailed it!

We’ve all drooled over the talented and gorgeous Benedict Cumberbatch. His nonchalant demeanour with that English wit is what makes him such an iconic detective on screen. It was only befitting that being big Sherlock fans; we reveled in Benedict Cumberbatch’s birthday in the most fun way possible – a pub crawl! Forking Team members – Sanaa Nalwalla and Arpan Panicker teamed up and took up the challenge.