10 Amazing Burgers in Bangalore For Every Meat Lover – Published on Gobble

Who doesn’t love burgers? The experience of subjecting yourself to a mouthful of yummy patty (or patties) stuffed between a fresh bun along with occasional flavours of toppings and sauces is a preparation that only some can refuse. The best part about burgers is that you don’t exactly know what is coming in your next bite! There is an element of surprise; you know there is going to be a patty but it might come along with a big chunk of cheese, a super crispy patty outer covering, an jalapeno covered in mayonnaise or a chunk of fried onions with masala. Yes, I’m totally drooling while writing this! And you are going to too after reading about these 10 burgers in Bangalore which will take you to food paradise every time you have them:


5 Packaged Food Items That Will Make You Forget Fresh Food – Published on Gobble

Irrespective of how much you love food, when it comes to buying packaged food, there is always a checklist of doubts your mind needs to clear. Does this food item contain safe ingredients? Will it be tasty? Should I just stick to fresh food? While questions like these popping up in your head is absolutely normal, there are some packaged foods which are so yummy that your stomach takes over the authority of all thoughts and after that, all you can do is feed it! And, as a matter of fact, most packaged food items these days are super healthy and nutritious too! Here are some of the food items which you absolutely cannot stay away from and in fact, give strong competition to a lot of fresh food that may be available to you: