Italian Guy’s Dream Pizza In India – Piccola Roma

Let me start this post with a question. What happened when you were in Goa? I’m sure that this question triggered a string of random, unique yet marvelous experiences in your head, which you will cherish for a lifetime. So when I went to Goa for the first time recently, how could it be a trip that I would not remember?

Let me tell you the story of an Italian-German traveler who I met in Goa. At 45, Mario has traveled to 20 countries including France, Germany, Russia, Turkey, the United States, etc. I happened to meet him at the pool deck of my hotel and as filmy as it may sound, our conversation started when he noticed me fussing over the taste of my margarita. Haha! We both got talking, and next thing we knew, we started bonding over our love for food. On learning that I was a food blogger on the hunt for new flavours and food, he recommended that I try this pizza place nearby. He really swore by it and totally managed to convince me to try it when he told me that he found the pizza there more delicious than the pizza back home in Italy! Yes! A claim like that would get anyone intrigued, wouldn’t it?