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Raspberry Moonshine Cocktail at Elephant and Co – #TFFRedFest

The last festival of the year is finally here! The countdown has hit zero and it’s time to bring to you guys the last pick of our #TFFRedFest. And it’s none other than the delicious Raspberry Moonshine Cocktail at Elephant and Co Gastro Pub!

Served in a martini glass, this drink is perfect for ladies although a lot of men would love to indulge in it too! Go ahead guys, we don’t judge! A beautiful concoction of gin mixed with raspberries, this cocktail promises a fun night and always lives up to it. And with free popcorn by your side (yes, they give free pop corn!) it’s hard not to have a good time. A glass of this would cost you INR 320 on a normal day and INR 100 on Fridays (you read that right, 100!)

Raspberry Moonshine Cocktail at Elephant and Co
Raspberry Moonshine Cocktail at Elephant and Co

Some of the other cocktails at Elephant and Co which we love are the Jasmine Alger, Elephant Sour, Pink Elephant and Jager Tiara. Their sangrias are really yummy too!

We believe in keeping the best for the last so it’s no doubt then that this pick had to be announced on Day Zero. So put on your Santa hats and head to Elephant and Co this Christmas to try out this yummy drink!

Have a Raspberry Merry Christmas!


Pune – A Decade of Food

I remember my first memories of Pune. As a child, I’d travel from Hyderabad to Mumbai to visit my aunt in Mumbai for winter holidays. Our train had a 15-minute stop at Pune station at eight in the morning. Cold winter mornings and steaming hot vada pavs. I hadn’t set foot in the city and I already loved Pune! (there’s something about this city, isn’t there?)

Fast forward to 2005 and the city finally brought me here for work. It was still a sleepy little town. But it had a strong food identity that managed to bridge local and international food. (even back then!). For a Hyderabad boy who took food seriously, Pune’s food scene was a veritable treasure hunt.