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Maxing Out Flavours of Food At Cafe Max

When it comes to having good food in Bangalore, Café Max in Indiranagar is definitely one of the places that top the lists of restaurants in the city. Specializing in European and Mediterranean cuisines, their menu boasts of quite a few really amazing Spanish, German, French and Greek dishes. Each and every dish is served in good quantity and is presented very well. They also have a good collection of wines and sangrias, and you can choose the one you think would go best with your food.

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Food Story – A Delicious Story Indeed

If you’re a foodie and are bored of going to the same kind of places in the city, worry not, because with the opening up of Food Story you definitely have something exciting to look forward to! Lined up against the bunch of places at City Point on Dhole Patil Road, the first look of the place brought up three words in my head – sophisticated, minimalist and inviting. With the use of two major colours for the interiors, grey and white, the ambiance is simple and boasts of exquisite lighting on the ceiling as well as the walls.

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Red and white, and the best kind of spice!

Whether it’s the spice from green chillies, the hot tinge from the wasabi on sushi, or the mixed flavours of garam masalas, spicy food gives your taste pallete a whole new experience and well, at least for me, will always be an undeniable part of my favoured food. One of the oldest and best kind of spicy food is the very popular Mahashtrian food – Kolhapuri! And if you are looking for an ultimate Kolhapuri food experience, Shambhavi Kolhapur Darbaar in Pune is one place you must try.

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Freshmenu – Revolutionizing the food delivery system in Bangalore

As the trend of online food delivery is catching up, I can safely say that Freshmenu is one of the top notch websites in this industry and is doing an amazing job at it! Right from the way the food has been presented on the website, the layout of the pictures and details to the first communication you have with them, the service, and the packaging, everything is rather impressive and will almost take you by surprise the first time you receive your order.

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The Table Blue

With a name that can be as direct as possible, The Table Blue, one of the newest restaurants in Indiranagar, literally has blue tables making up most of its ambience. The first look was pretty neat I’d say, blue tables, white chairs with red cushions, and green wine bottles with a flower each, on every table. I like how they’ve kept it to a minimal with the colours, because too many colours can tend to look too shabby.

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