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North Indian Munda Turned Head Chef – Himanshu Saini – #Forkers

As children, when we ate yummy food, not always did we give thought to what exactly has been put into a dish or the kind of effort that has gone into putting it together. That’s what made our next #Forker, Himanshu Saini, different than the other kids he grew up with! Coming from a family of Punjabi foodies, he would love to spend time in the kitchen and conjure up new dishes for his food-loving family. From the street food lanes of Chandi-Chowk to the Tresind in Dubai, where he works today, Chef Himanshu Saini stands at the fountainhead of progressive Indian cooking globally! All of 28, Himanshu currently heads this post-modernist Indian restaurant in Dubai. The two year-old restaurant is literally ‘reclaiming the Indian element in modern cuisine’.