Russian Chef Vadim Cooks Up A Teppanyaki Storm In Bangalore

There were audible gasps as knives flew and a fire erupted, with flames almost touching the roof. “I hope this is not too hot for you!” a mischievous, smiley face popped up from the behind the screen of flames. Knife-juggling, setting things on fire and Bruno Mars – not the first things one would expect at an Asian dine-out. All of this and more is what we experienced at the Teppan Fest with Chef Vadim Shin.

Organized at Zen, The Leela Palace, Bangalore, this interactive culinary journey was one of the many Chef Vadim has been curating since the time he moved to Bangalore from Moscow, back in 2009. Blown away by his exquisite showmanship, the beautifully plated Teppanyaki treats and the soulful singing (yes, you read that right, singing!), we couldn’t resist wanting to know more about his journey so far. And that’s exactly what we did! Say hello to our next #Forker, Chef Vadim Shin.


Good Food All Day Every Day – Cafe Felix, Bangalore

When the Café Felix invite dropped in my inbox, I was ultra-excited! The menu looked super interesting, as did the space. I roped in a friend, spoke to Apeksha (the one co-ordinating the tasting sessions) and a weekday lunch at this brand-new cafe was decided upon. ‘

As we entered the café, we were greeted with plenty of natural light and a modern casual chic vibe that instantly set the tone for our lunch. Before we settled in, Apeksha showed us around the gorgeous restaurant and introduced us to Chef Nitin Kulkarni who was previously with team Indigo from Mumbai for over 17 years. He’s been working with The Clearing House in Mumbai for the last few years and has made his way into Bangalore with the all-day open, Café Felix.

Hariyali Tikka at Big Pitcher, Bangalore

Big Pitcher – Beers to Crush on And Food That Comforts

“Beer is proof that God loves us”  – Benjamin Franklin

And after you visit Big Pitcher for their famous brews, these are the words you’ll stand by forever. Located on Old Airport Road, very close to The Leela Palace hotel, Big Pitcher is a microbrewery loaded with five floors of madness! We quietly wandered in on a Thursday afternoon for lunch, and boy, were we in for a treat.

We started off with beer sampler which consisted of six variants:

King Slayer – Their most popular brew and it isn’t hard to see why. A delicious dark beer which looks like a stout, but tastes just like wheat beer.


10 Amazing Burgers in Bangalore For Every Meat Lover – Published on Gobble

Who doesn’t love burgers? The experience of subjecting yourself to a mouthful of yummy patty (or patties) stuffed between a fresh bun along with occasional flavours of toppings and sauces is a preparation that only some can refuse. The best part about burgers is that you don’t exactly know what is coming in your next bite! There is an element of surprise; you know there is going to be a patty but it might come along with a big chunk of cheese, a super crispy patty outer covering, an jalapeno covered in mayonnaise or a chunk of fried onions with masala. Yes, I’m totally drooling while writing this! And you are going to too after reading about these 10 burgers in Bangalore which will take you to food paradise every time you have them:


Beer Lovers – You Will Love These 5 Breweries in Bangalore – Published on Gobble

Beer is a culture. It brings people together, it is a great kick-starter for conversations and well, proves to be a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. While the likes of Kingfisher and Corona are popular options among all, freshly brewed beer has a charm of its own and comes in a wide variety of flavours. Bangalore is a city of passionate beer drinkers and foodies! And why wouldn’t it be? With a large number of microbreweries in the city brewing beer for all kinds of pallets, anybody would be spoilt for choice! Here is a list of five of the breweries in the city which you just cannot miss:


Binging And Bootlegging in Bangalore

Situated in one of the high profile areas of Bangalore, next to UB City, Bootleggers has always been one of my favourite drinking joints in the city. An ease on the pocket, Bootleggers is the perfect place for pre-drinking if you’re off to another place later; or you could also just hop in for a quick mug of beer and lunch.


Sweet Sinning at Sanctum

Living in a place like Bangalore where the city is popping up with new drinking holes every day, the moment you hear of a new place, you want to go and try it! Sanctum was that place for me and hence I decided to pay it a visit with a few friends. Turns out, the place has been around for two years and two months. Well, that must say something about their publicity.

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