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Authentic Nepali Thali at Bamey’s Restro Cafe

I was taken for lunch to this place by none other than a Nepali friend of mine who grew extremely fond of it since the first time she stepped foot there. When you enter the place, you’ll find yourself checking out the décor, which is simple but very nicely done. Ceiling lights hanging inside Tuborg bottles look beautiful. No sooner than you place your order, the restaurant starts giving you a feel of being in Nepal itself – the ambiance is adorned with pretty lights, flags with quotes about food and traveling, and there is Nepali music playing in the background. Having visited Nepal, I can safely say that this place is the closest to the Thakali Kitchens you’ll find there, and the only one that serves the authentic Nepali food.

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Soaking In The Chill Vibe At Chili’s

In spite of Chili’s being around in India for quite some time now, both in Pune and Bangalore, the two cities I’ve lived in, I had never got a chance to visit this place before. However, I happened to go there with a couple of friends recently and I must say that I was highly impressed! The food was amazing; the staff was kind, efficient and provided good service, and overall the night turned out to be a lot of fun!

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When The Rabbit Joins The Rat Race

A place that gets its name from the famous rabbit and tortoise story that has been a part of each one of our childhoods, The Black Rabbit opened up quite about a year ago on the always-buzzing 100 feet road of Indiranagar. With its explicit golden nameplate outside, this place is elegantly done on the inside as well and has a nice, chill vibe to it.

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Tuck Out, Break In

I had gone to this place for breakfast on one of the Sundays when I was active enough not to simply laze around in bed. The moment I entered the place, I fell in love with it! The place was not too big and not too small, and managed to fit just the right amount of tables. The fresh ambiance and young vibe reminded me of some of my favourite breakfast places in Pune. There was a brick wall on one side filled with cute illustrations, graphics and paintings, which were also on sale. Another thing that caught my attention were the hand-painted coasters, which said ‘The Tuck Shop’. I wouldn’t say that the coasters were an entirely new concept, but they did manage to give the place a very raw and homely feeling.

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