Sweet Sinning at Sanctum

Living in a place like Bangalore where the city is popping up with new drinking holes every day, the moment you hear of a new place, you want to go and try it! Sanctum was that place for me and hence I decided to pay it a visit with a few friends. Turns out, the place has been around for two years and two months. Well, that must say something about their publicity.

Located at The Chancery Pavilion Hotel on Residency Road, Sanctum is definitely trying to position themselves as one of the high profile places of the city since on any given night when they have something happening (mostly Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays), the entry for guys is 1500 bucks with a 1000 bucks cover. I’d say this is not a wise idea since a lot of nice and fun places in Bangalore do have entry but it generally comes with a full cover charge; unless of course, when it’s a gig. People pay if they really want to listen to live music.

Beautiful night lights
Beautiful night lights

What is nice about the place is that they have a wholesome bar with an amazing collection of all sorts of liquors. So if you want to try some good American whiskey or the delicious Hendricks gin or Bailey’s/Malibu, this is the place to be! I tried the J&B rare whiskey there for the first time. It is blended whiskey, quite smooth and has a sweet tinge to it. The food was quite delicious too. We tried the Indian non-vegetarian platter, which comes with an assortment of three starters (fish and chicken) and is served with chutney. The fish was one of the best I’ve had and was extremely well prepared. The chicken starters were good too and I had no complaints when it came to the food.

I went on a Friday night when they were playing only Deep House and Techno music. So if you are not fond of that genre, you will not like the music. What was disappointing about the night was that they shut the bar at exact 12.15 am and in spite of asking them for one last drink, they simply did not budge. That was a little disappointing.

sanctum 3
They have a Ladies Night on Wednesdays and I was told that it gets quite crowded but then again, the entry for guys is 1500 bucks so I’m not sure how many would actually turn up and want to spend that amount on a weekday.

Overall the place is average. I’d probably not want to visit again but I would want to try their Barman’s drink, which is a special drink made by the bartender; it is not on the menu and is supposed to be their best.

Picture Courtesy: DineOut, eventshigh

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