Summer Splash at The Four Fountains De-Stress Spa

Be it any season, the thought of a spa gets all the muscles of my body super excited. The anticipation of being pampered with aromatic oils and gels by experts only to leave your body feeling super soft and refreshed is amazing and like no other. Not to forget that it leaves your body with a tinge of the aroma of the oil or gel, and for me, that adds to the beauty and luxury of the entire process.

As a child, I’d always wonder what a spa meant, it simply sounded something luxurious. I happened to get my first ever spa at The Four FountainsDe-Stress Spa in Pune and the experience was splendid! After that, I tried a number of other places but I have to admit that no other place could beat the quality of service that this place offers. So when they invited me to try their summer special, Summer Splash Spa, I simply couldn’t refuse.

Four Fountains Spa, Pune
Four Fountains Spa, Pune

Fortunately, the rains are hitting Pune and we are finally being blessed by the rain Gods but the essence of this spa is such that it is perfect for the humidity in the days to follow. What makes this spa really special is that they use a Mint and Aloe Vera Gel for it instead of the regular oil. The mint leaves you feeling cold throughout the pores of your skin while the aloe vera acts as a great disinfectant and cleanses your body completely. To add to it, the gel has a beautiful fragrance which lingers on your body even after your shower.

Four Fountains Spa, Pune
Four Fountains Spa, Pune

I went to the outlet in Viman Nagar, which has an easy-to-spot location and finely designed rooms. The spa has a total of six rooms. Summer Splash is a one-hour therapy. Every room is provided with dim and normal lighting, and a bathroom. Provisions to keep your clothes and belongings are made as you can get into the disposable clothes they provide you with. After that, all you need to do is let no thoughts come to your head (yes, it’s very hard to do in spite of the lovely setup) and simply relax.

Four Fountains Spa, Pune
Four Fountains Spa, Pune

The therapist neatly caters to each part of your body individually and gives it a thorough massage. The best part about getting a professional massage is that the therapist knows the exact points, which are sensitive and also adjusts the amount of pressure she puts, depending on your body and liking. My therapist was a calm and sweet lady who put in her best efforts to keep me feeling comfortable the whole time.

ff spa 4-min

One thing about spas is that they provide you with a service which you don’t know you need until you actually get it. A spa after an adventurous vacation or vigorous physical training feels great. But even on a day when your body is not tired, the mental peace and stability it provides you with, proves to be very effective and leaves you feeling happy and content in your personal as well as professional life.

For more details about the different services and centres of The Four Fountains De-Stress Spa, you can visit their website:

To get in touch with them, contact: 8454015222

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