Start Your Day With This Appetizing Breakfast At Dinshaw’s!


For me, a perfect Sunday starts with an appetizing breakfast! And that’s exactly what I experienced a few days ago when I found myself seated at a petite and cozy cafe, placed just around the corner of lane 6 at Koregaon Park on a sunny Sunday morning. I entered Dinshaw’s Xpress Café to the sound of pleasant chatter and a waft of tummy-rumbling aroma! It was no wonder then that I ended up having a taste of almost everything on their breakfast menu!

The vegetarian menu consisted mostly of paranthas such as ‘Pammi Aunty De Paronthe’ and ‘Cheese Paratha’ whereas the non-vegetarian one had differently cooked eggs and an interesting sausage pav dish. But first, I needed me a cool drink. And the sound of Nutella and Banana shake was too tempting to ignore! So I went right ahead and ordered it. The drink came in a tall glass adorned with chocolate sauce. A huge satisfying gulp, and I was ready to explore the rest of the menu!

Pan-Tossed Sausages at Dinshaw's, Koregaon Park
Pan-Tossed Sausages at Dinshaw’s, Koregaon Park

Among their omelettes, ‘Egg Dackers’ was a dish that instantly caught my eye. They described it as ‘you need to try that one’! So I simply obeyed! As I waited for my order, I took a look around the cafe; it had an interesting decor, walls covered with amazing hangings of pop art and food quotes. I could totally see myself coming here just to read a book and have that shake!

Pammi Aunty ke Paronthe sounded like they would be proper Punjabi buttery, fatty parathas, but they turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. They’d be much better with some more cheese and stuffing! The chutney that was served along with the parathas however, was the star of the dish. It was the kind of chutney only found at hidden local cafes; the kind of chutney you could eat with anything!

Dinshaw's Cafe - Koregaon Park

Next, I indulged in some Pan-tossed Sausages. There was a generous helping of the sausages along with veggies. The sauce that came along with it was what made me, unashamedly, go for some second helpings. I am not one to eat veggies when there are sausages to ravish, but that amazing tangy spicy sauce made me lick the plate clean!

Finally, it was time for my eagerly-awaited (did they forget my order?!) egg dackers. Resting on a round plate, the dackers were more like a tower of everything gluttony and comfort. Masala fries, cheese and egg scrambles, stacked on top of each other in an organized randomness and covered in cheese! If that wasn’t enough, they brought along with them the heavenly smell of freshly cooked eggs. I could have a plate of that every day, maybe even twice! It took its while to find my table but it was well worth the wait! To end my yummy breakfast, I took one last slurp of my Nutella Banana shake and it made me a happy bunny!

Egg Dackers Dinshaw's Cafe - Koregaon Park
Egg Dackers Dinshaw’s Cafe – Koregaon Park

Overall, I’d recommend the place to anyone who loves a tummy-pleasing breakfast and has an inclination towards tasty shakes. Considering the generous portions, this has to be one of the most pocket-friendly places in Koregaon Park! Go try!

Tanuja Shelar
A storyteller and a bibliophile at heart, Tanuja indulges in the paramount ecstasies of life; books, food, and people. (in that order) Recently trying to be healthy, Tanuja has discovered a new penchant for fitness and an interest in adventurous travels. To earn her daily (wheat) bread, Tanuja writes, edits and keeps on writing.