Soaking In The Chill Vibe At Chili’s


In spite of Chili’s being around in India for quite some time now, both in Pune and Bangalore, the two cities I’ve lived in, I had never got a chance to visit this place before. However, I happened to go there with a couple of friends recently and I must say that I was highly impressed! The food was amazing; the staff was kind, efficient and provided good service, and overall the night turned out to be a lot of fun!

chili's 1-min

You must know that this place is not cheap so it’s a wise choice to go there at the beginning of the month, when you are merry and your bank account shows a balance of more than 4 digits! We were three of us and went there for a Media Night organized by Radio One so there were happy hours on drinks all night. We ordered three starters to go along with our drinks and each of us cleared a bill of approximately 1200 bucks. This amount is a little heavy on the pocket, especially for a Wednesday night, but with the quality of food and service provided, I’m not complaining!

Chicken Nachos at Chili's
Chicken Nachos at Chili’s

For drinks, we got ourselves pitchers of Mojitos, served to us directly in glasses; the cocktail was fresh, well made, strong and to my delight, without an explicit taste of Bacardi in it. I’d say it was way better than a lot of other Mojitos I’ve tried since somehow most bartenders manage to mess this drink up very easily. Quick tip – Do not forget to remove the covering on the straw because if you do forget, it’s just funny, more than embarrassing!

Chicken Wings at Chili's
Chicken Wings at Chili’s

If you are a fan of chicken wings, you HAVE to try the ones they serve here. I’d safely vote them as the best! For one, they’re boneless, which is a rarity. And two, they’re deep-fried like nuggets but come with a yummy sauce on the top. The next dish we ordered were the nachos – I wouldn’t say these were the best I’ve had but they were different, and delicious for sure! Unlike the conventional ones, these nachos are like mini slices of pizza and come loaded with pieces of grilled chicken, 3-cheese blend, black beans, jalapenos and olives, and are served with their house-made preparation of sour cream. Next, we ordered the Calamari Squid Poppers – these are exactly like onion rings but with squid instead of the onion. Easy to eat, we relished them and they were off the plate within moments of being ordered.

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Stuffed and happy as we were with the food, we enjoyed the Karaoke night, which started a little while later. I sang a song and received cheers and hooting from the crowd for my performance! The place was relatively crowded with people of all age groups and everyone seemed to be having a gala time.

Overall, the place is well done up, and has a fresh and happy vibe to it. I’d definitely recommend the people of Bangalore, especially the Indiranagar-lovers to go there at least once!

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