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Say Hello To Pune’s First Ever Tiki Bar – Coladas. We LAVA it!

Be it a lovely afternoon with your friends or some quality time with family, however you decide to spend your Sunday, choosing the right venue is what’s most important. Now you can head over to Coladas for a Hawaiian vibe and delicious coladas, margaritas and tribal LIITs!

The first tiki bar of Pune, Coladas brings to you a mix of Caribbean, Hawaiian, Polynesian and Tribal cultures. The walls are covered with different tribal masks and to match them, they have similar glasses for the drinks, too. Their Active Volcano cocktail (Rs. 399) literally looks like an erupting volcano with bubbles jumping up and down its surface while the Tiki Traveler cocktail (Rs. 399) is served in a skeleton-shaped glass. Delicious concoctions of whiskey and rum, we recommend and LAVA both of them!

Don’t be surprised if a waiter dressed in his floral shirt comes and offers you complimentary shots covered in dry ice. That’s one thing they love to do! And if you’re friendly enough to give them a smile, they’ll smile right back and say the slogan on their shirts, “Hi! Hawai you?”

To know more about the place and get a short glimpse, check out this video on our YouTube channel:

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Location: World Trade Center, Kharadi
Timings: 5 pm to 1 am

Karishma Rajan

The founder of The First Fork, Karishma likes to live in the moment and take life as it comes. Originally from aamchi Pune, she is swalp Bangalorean at heart and loves the Mumbaiya energy! Biking adventures, good food and inappropriate humour are things that get her going and she fantasises about going hitchhiking around the galaxy one day.