Wild Wednesdays At The Tavern

If you are a fan of karaoke and want to feel like a rock star when you put your bathroom singing skills to use, you have to go to Tavern At The Inn on a Wednesday night! Situated inside the Museum Inn Hotel on Church Street, this place is not easy to find if you are going there for the first time. But you can ask the guys at the entrance of the hotel and they will show you your way around. Along with being karaoke and ladies night, Wednesdays at Tavern are also LGBT Nights. Yes, they actually have one of those! Now I do not know if this is official, but having gone there quite often on Wednesdays, I’m pretty sure it is.

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Going Cray Cray With Food at Krusty’s

Winter is coming! In fact, it’s here already. Yes, I know that more than the actual season, it is Game of Thrones that this line reminds all of us of. But along with that, winter is the time for lovely, warm clothes, Christmas celebrations, and, of course, preparing that list of resolutions you are never going to end up following. Along with these happy things, one more thing that is going to make you happier this season is the New Winter Menu at Krusty’s! I was invited by them to try out the dishes and I am going to tell you about the ones you simply do not want to miss.

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New Cafe in Phoenix Is Two One Too Much!

Quite literally, 212 is simply a number. Just like 211, or 213. But if you delve a little into wikipedia, you will know that 212 is the area code of most of the borough of Manhattan in New York City. Yes, Manhattan, the amazing and romantic city of Manhattan! Look at Urban Dictionary and it’ll tell you that 212 is a person or a location that is inherently chill in nature and anything but uncool. But what is 212 here in Pune? Well, it’s the newly opened 212 All Day Cafe & Bar, which just like all other 212 things is anything but uncool!

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Japan In A Plate At Miyuki

When you want to have some good Misal Pav, the first place that comes to your mind is Pune. Similarly, for Idli-Dosa, you know you would get the best kind in either Bangalore or Chennai, and for the best Butter Chicken, you can be assured that no one can do it better than Delhi or Punjab. But what do you do when you feel like having some good Japanese food? Living in a city like Pune, I had convinced myself that the closest I got to having authentic Japanese food was the meal I had at Kyoto in Nepal, and that I would probably have to pay a visit to the place again to get that experience. However, I was mistaken! Miyuki, located at DoubleTree by Hilton, literally brings Japan here to you.

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“Being A Pillion Is Easy” – No One Ever

Leh-Ladakh is one of the prettiest places in our country. Not only us Indians, but people from over the world are fascinated by the sight of the scenic Himalayan mountains, the seamless barren lands, the high altitudes and the amazing terrain, which give you an adrenaline rush like no other. Right from the snow-filled ghats on the way to Khardungla top, to the cold sand dunes at Diskit in Nubra Valley, and the breath-taking views of the Pangong Lake, which lies partly in India and partly in China, a trip to Leh-Ladakh is one that will be etched in your memory for times unknown.

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When in Bangalore, do the LOCAL stuff!

Standing true to its name, The Local – Terrace Drinkery, situated in Koramangala, is not too done up, but is a pleasant place to go drinking and catch up with a few friends on any given day of the week. The brick walls, the potted plants, the fairy lights and the vibe around the whole place could give you the illusion of sitting at one of the places in Goa, it did at least for me.

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When At Toit, You’re Always Spoilt for Choice

Been given some really funny and ridiculous pronunciations such as Tooah, Toits and Tweet, Toit in Indiranagar is one of Bangalore’s most famous breweries and is definitely one of the places you would take someone who is visiting Bangalore for the first time to. A beautiful, two storied, mansion-look-alike place, there is a lot of brick used in its interiors and it has been set up brilliantly. At any given time of the year, they have at least 6 flavours of brewed beer; they add other seasonal flavours to the list occasionally.

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