An Evening Full Of Zest At This Lovely Oktoberfest


For most people, food is the best thing in the world. For a lot of others, beer is better than food. Or rather, beer IS their food! They’d even change the tongue-twister, ‘Betty bought some butter’ to ‘Betty bought some beer’. Or she bought both and made butter beer? And got an Express Entry into Hogwarts Gryffindor team! Okay, Non-Potter fans, don’t leave, we’ll stop.

October Fest at Evviva Sky Lounge, Pune
Chicken Bratwurst with Sauerkrat at Evviva Sky Lounge

The only people who get the best of both worlds are those who enjoy the combination of beer and food together. And, we, undoubtedly fall in that category! So when Evviva Sky Lounge launched their Oktoberfest for this year, we simply had to go and try it! The festival is celebrated in true spirit in all of Germany where there are several freshly brewed beers flowing everywhere. But if you can’t make it all the way to Germany, fret not, because India has its own Oktoberfest which is celebrated with a lot of pomp and galore in cities such as Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

A variety of Pretzels, Cheese and bread at Evviva Sky Lounge in Pune
A Variety of Pretzels, Cheese and Bread

Located on the rooftop of Crowne Plaza, Evviva Sky Lounge is a place with one of the best views in the city. The great ambiance, comfortable seating and happy vibe at the place make it a perfect spot to unwind on a weekend. At the entrance, we were greeted by the ever-friendly chef, Ritesh. Along with his positive attitude, Ritesh has a thorough knowledge of the food industry and provided us with information about the variety of sausages and cheese they were offering. We were literally enlightened!

The Meat and Sausage Station at Evviva Sky Lounge
The Meat and Sausage Station at Evviva Sky Lounge

The spread consisted of a variety of pretzels (soft and hard), whole wheat bread and buns (served with a little olive oil). Being a bread-lover, I was indeed delighted the moment I saw it! Next to this, was the meat and sausage station. Pork and Chicken sausages were served to us one after the other along with a range of mouth-watering pickles, chutneys and condiments. All the sausages are imported all the way from Germany to maintain the quality and authenticity of the products. I must say that the staff did a great job of ensuring that as customers, we understood each dish, its origin and the kind of sauce that goes along with it. I am a big-time culinary enthusiast and the fact that the chef could answer each one of my questions only made the meal more engaging and satisfying.

Oktoberfest - Evviva Sky Lounge
Oktoberfest – Evviva Sky Lounge

For mains, we had the Chicken Nuremberger, Chicken Bratwust, Pork Curlies, Chicken sausage with Aubergine Steak and the Masala Sausages. The award for the best dish would definitely go to the Chicken Bratwust which was served with Sauerkrat. The dish was a combination of pickled, flavoured cabbage and bacon, and was absolutely heavenly! I’d say the variety of cheese they served wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, but if you’re a cheese-lover, just go ahead with it. For drinks, we got a non-alcoholic Sangria (a beverage of Spanish origin). It was served in a big glass and went well with the food.

A live band performs on Fridays and Saturdays as a part of the Oktoberfest. There is a DJ who plays on the other days. However, I wouldn’t recommend keeping your hopes too high as far as the music is concerned. Overall it was a very pleasant evening at Evviva Sky Lounge with all the food, ambience and lovely atmosphere. A must-try it if you are a food/ beer lover or both!

Picture Courtesy: Arjun Anand

Feature Picture Courtesy: Zomato

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