Maxing Out Flavours of Food At Cafe Max

When it comes to having good food in Bangalore, Café Max in Indiranagar is definitely one of the places that top the lists of restaurants in the city. Specializing in European and Mediterranean cuisines, their menu boasts of quite a few really amazing Spanish, German, French and Greek dishes. Each and every dish is served in good quantity and is presented very well. They also have a good collection of wines and sangrias, and you can choose the one you think would go best with your food.

Homemade French Crêpes with Caramelised Bananas
Homemade French Crêpes with Caramelised Bananas

I went there on a Wednesday evening to grab dinner with a few friends. The place does not have an open rooftop, but is located on the top floor of the Max Mueller Bhavan, and is extremely pleasant and breezy cause of the large windows. The simple interiors and ambiance add to the authenticity and beauty of the place. With the drizzles outside, sitting at a table next to one of the windows, just like we did, was almost perfect. The potted plants added to the greenery around. Every table has a flask in the center, with water that has mint leaves soaked in it. This water, along with being a healthy detox drink for the stomach, also blends in really well with the ambiance and looks pretty on the table.

Chicken Stroganoff - Strips of Chicken Breast Cooked in a Cream and White Wine Sauce Served with Gherkins and Butter Rice
Chicken Stroganoff – Strips of Chicken Breast Cooked in a Cream and White Wine Sauce Served with Gherkins and Butter Rice

We started off by calling for a pitcher of white wine sangria. The sangria was yummy, extremely well mixed, and contained neatly cut pieces of grapes and kiwi. For food, we ordered Crusted Fish “Spanish Style”, Butter Fish “Frankfurt Style” and Pasta Bolognese “Ragu”. The butter fish was served with salted potatoes on the side, while the crusted fish had salted potatoes, sautéed vegetables as well as garlic bread. Both the dishes were extremely delicious. The fish was soft, succulent and extremely flavourful at the same time. The pasta was a simple spaghetti style preparation but was loaded with a lot of minced pork meat and was very, very tasty. Needless to say, we were very satisfied with our food.

I also tried Chicken Stroganoff, their Ham Omelette with Toast, Homemade French Crêpes with Caramelised Bananas and the Schnitzel “Romany Style” (Veal) the next time that I went to this place. The Chicken Stroganoff is cooked in a cream and white wine sauce and is served in generous quantities, while the crepes are soft and freshly made. I would not exactly vouch for the veal cause although the dish looked absolutely heavenly when it was placed on the table, the meat could have been cooked better and could have bit more of a flavour.

Schnitzel "Romany Style" (Veal)
Schnitzel “Romany Style” (Veal)

I’d say that the only con that this place has is that, in spite of it being so ventilated, they do not allow smoking inside and do not have a smoking room either. This could be kind of a disappointment for smokers, but then again since the café is a part of the institute, you can’t really blame them. As far as the prices are concerned, it is a little heavy on the pocket, but I wouldn’t mind spending that amount once in a while, cause I have the assurance that the food will never disappoint.

Overall, we had a very tasty meal and this is easily one of the vital places that make up the amazing food culture of Bangalore.

Karishma Rajan

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