Living The Passion For Food At Krusty’s!


The passion for food drove Dr Vidya Joshi and her son Rohan to establish Krusty’s in 2013. After going through many potential markets in Pune, the mother-son duo set up their first outlet in Kothrud. From originally serving pizzas, sandwiches and desserts to bagging the Times Food Awards two years in a row, Krusty’s has constantly remoulded itself and how! Today, their new outlet in the developing Kharadi can be spotted at the World Trade Centre in the EON Free Zone.

Black Grape and Raspberry Juice
Black Grape and Raspberry Juice

At my first glance, Krusty’s All-Day Bistro & Bar was warm and ambient. The seating was comfortably placed and their variety could definitely fit almost every other mood I could have been in; from B&B like diner couches to cozy tables by the window to rexine café tables. Their bar was simply done up with some quirky posters on the wall that provided a good dose of humour. A glass window stood next to their signature brick wall and helped one see the staff in action as they worked around their busy kitchen. Atish Rokade, the manager, was courteous, prompt and patient, just as the rest of the staff.

Croquettes at Krusty's
Croquettes at Krusty’s

First, came the Black Grape and Raspberry Juice. An interesting combination with the strong grape flavour, this was raw, indulgent, quenching and a boon after a hot day in Pune. The Watermelon Black Grape and Feta Salad was a well-blended treat for my taste buds. What really caught my interest in between all the feta, arugula, romaine and green mango shavings were the candied walnuts! I simply couldn’t imagine adding the caramel to a salad in such a sneaky way! The flavour was further twisted up with the passion fruit vinaigrette.

Watermelon Black Grape Feta Salad at Krusty's
Watermelon Black Grape Feta Salad at Krusty’s

Then came the very-appetizing Chicken, Bacon and Cheddar Croquettes which were served with a honey mustard dip. One is in luck with this dish if one doesn’t eat bacon but has always wondered what it tasted like. This dish was cheesy but at the same time, very, very deceptive because it did not really contain bacon! They experimented with substitution for this dish, which made the smoked flavour of the chicken maintain the taste of the bacon without adding real bacon to it. Pretty impressive, I must say!

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Chicken at Krusty's
Philadelphia Cream Cheese Chicken at Krusty’s

The Pomegranate Iced Tea was an interesting break from the regular lemon and peach, but it didn’t suit my personal taste. It was clear that Rohan Joshi cared a lot about the food he brought to the table – something I could tell because he was curious to know what suited my palette and more so, about what does not.

After that, waking my inner glutton from dormancy, arrived my favourite main from the night – the Smoked 3-Pepper Cheese and Balsamic Onion Tortellini. The sage beurre noisette was strongly scented, satiating and savoury. They didn’t go wrong with the classic Shepherd’s Pie either – creamy and scrumptious.

Shepherd's Pie at Krusty's
Shepherd’s Pie at Krusty’s

The Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Buttered Onion Chicken Breast with Red Wine and Shallot Jus was served simply, despite the long name. Since the name said cream cheese, I scoured for it in vain. But when I cut into the chicken, which was tender and obviously well-cooked, cheese oozed out as a happy surprise. The Coconut Mousse Dacquoise was filled with apricot in the center with jam and an almond base. If you enjoy coconut in a dessert, this would be a total must-have! The Madagascar Panna Cotta with Three Berries and Blood Orange Coulis was undoubtedly the winner from Krusty’s kitchen – a beautifully coloured treat to eat with fantastic texture. My beating heart still fails to be still!

Madagascar Pannacotta at Krusty's
Madagascar Pannacotta at Krusty’s

What sets Krusty’s apart is their experimental attitude with their food! Krusty’s, WTC is the idealistic definition of a bistro – modest setting, simply presented food. I’d definitely return here for a nice, cozy meal. And when you try it, perhaps you will too!

Signature Wall at Krusty's
Signature Wall at Krusty’s

P.S. Their new venture, Friday Night Lights, which debuted on May 5th, will be hosting a variety of artists including stand-up comedians, poets and independent musicians.

Sanghamitra Shastri
Sanghamitra Shastri is a freelance content writer and photographer who watches FRIENDS on shuffle in her free time. Her taste palette is variable and she loves experimenting with new food. Her skills include striking good conversations, making coffee and making her canines think she's following them around when they go out and not walking them.