Khavanu, Peevanu, Majani Life!

The moment I heard that Sodabottleopenerwala was opening up in Bangalore, the first thought that came to my head was that the city would finally get to know what a delicious, authentic vada pav tastes like! I think the city has had its taste of all the other weird burger-like preparations at outlets like Goli, but being the Maharashtrian that I am, only I know how disappointing they are. I was, of course, really excited about the other food at SBOW as well, but boasting about their vada pav is what I went on about on my Instagram feed and Facebook timeline.

I was invited for their preview night before the launch and decided to take a friend along . They had a special menu for the preview, along with a bunch of their beverages, appetizers and main courses. Having visited their Delhi outlet in Cyber City, I had already tried a few of the items on the menu. So I decided to try the others, with the recommendations of the top chef and a good friend of mine, Anahita Dhondy, who was extremely sweet and kept coming by to our table to check if we were having a nice time.

For drinks, my friend ordered the Parsiana and Daaru Wala Vimto. Parsiana is a special mix of old monk, plum and oranges. It was served in a milk bottle and had layers of transitioning colours, from the bottom of the drink to the top. The taste was very different than anything I’ve ever had before and quite yummy as well. However, as you reach the bottom of the drink, you start getting little plum pieces along with every sip you take, making it very sweet. Hence, it is very important that you keep stirring the drink constantly while you are having it.

The Daaru Wala Vimto was a bold-looking, red drink, with tequila and five different kinds of berries in it. I’d say it was an excellent drink for someone who is fond of berries, and at the same time,  could also turn out to be not as appealing for others with different taste buds. I, personally, did not enjoy it too much.

For food, needless to say, we ordered the vada pav first. It was delicious and was served with fried, green chillies, which were sprinkled with salt, making it an excellent combination. Next, we ordered the Chicken Farcha, Bohri Style Keema Pav and the Bhendi Bazaar Sheekh Parantha. I would recommend each and every one of these dishes since all of them were extremely delicious and well prepared. I would also highly recommend the Berry Pulao and the Sali Mutton, dishes which I had at their outlet in Delhi. The Berry Pulao is easily one of their best dishes and an authentic and extravagant Parsi preparation, which you will not find anywhere else in Bangalore.

The ambience is beautiful and the interiors are done very artistically, making them absolutely breath-taking. There are cycles with steel kettles placed on their back seats outside the restaurant, a small, blue, painted scooter at the entrance, few blackboards inside with funny quotes/instructions written on them with chalk, and steel kettles hanging on the walls with water flowing out of them. Yes, they’ve literally gone down to the basics but used some brilliant, modern ways of implementing the ideas. I think I can safely say that this outlet looks much prettier than the one in Cyber City, Delhi, although, I absolutely love that one too.

As far as the location is concerned, they have secured themselves an amazing spot, right in the middle of Lavelle Road. The staff was kind, friendly and proactive to help us with our orders all night. The rates could be a little heavy on the pocket, but with the kind of experience, food and drinks you receive, spending that kind of money is really worth it. SBOW is easily one of my favourite places in Bangalore and I would love to go there again and try out all the other dishes. And do the ‘Khavanu, Pivanu, Majani Life!’ just like the Parsis do it!

Sali Mutton
Sali Mutton
Vada Pav
Vada Pav
Karishma Rajan

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