Jack Of All Trade Takes You On A Bar Escapade

Pune has a young and fun culture! While restaurants and lounges do see a mixed crowd of all age groups, you will always come across a bunch of youngsters who are out there partying and killing it, even on weekdays. And that means that one of their top priorities is to find cheap alcohol! The club syndrome (having drinking scenes at places like Ladies Club, Residency Club and Boat Club, etc.) has been around since forever and is never going to die due to the super affordable rates (60 bucks for a large Old Monk! Yes, true story!). However, with the opening up of new drinking holes every day in the city, people experiment.

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One such place that I visited is Agent Jack’s Bar. The city has three outlets of this bar already, yes, it’s a shame I hadn’t visited any yet! I went there with a bunch of friends last week and well, I do have quite a few good things to say about it. Firstly, ALL the tables were full, in spite of it being a weekday. When I first entered, the place gave me a Goa feeling. Dim lights, open air seating, commercial music and an overall happy vibe.

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The entire concept of the place is similar to Bar Stock Exchange (BSE) in Mumbai. Alcohol is treated as different shares in the market that you can invest in, and the price of each commodity keeps wavering, depending on its demand. Hence, try to head there as early as possible and place your orders. At 7.30 pm, an Old Monk peg would cost you 40 bucks and a Teacher’s or Absolut, 100 bucks. After two hours, they’ll rise to 100 bucks for Old Monk and maybe 200 bucks for Teacher’s or Absolut, since more people would be ordering it. That’s how the drill works. Exciting, isn’t it?

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As much as the drinks make this place so appealing, unfortunately, some of the dishes here can be quite a disappointment. We tried the Jerk Potatoes with Queso, Roasted Chicken Salad, Devilled Chicken Shashliks and a Veg Pasta Arrabiata. The potatoes seemed to have extra of everything and were topped with pomegranate, not exactly the best combination. Salad, chicken and pasta were good but nothing out of the ordinary. Heading over for dinner to another place after you’re done drinking would be a wiser option.

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I have to, however, give a special word of appreciation to the service. A waiter called Brijesh gave us the best service right from the start till the end and was always there at our beck and call. He even provided extra cushions when we found the high seater chairs uncomfortable. Having him around was definitely a delight! Apart from that, the music was alright, they played the likes of really old commercial songs like ‘Don’t you worry child’ and ‘Bang Bang’ so the DJ really needs to update his playlist.

Overall, I’d say the place is great and you must visit it if you haven’t yet. Agent Jack awaits to take you on a bar escapade!

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Karishma Rajan

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