tff red fest

Introducing #TFFRedFest – A Countdown To Christmas With All Things Red!


We’re soon approaching the end of another glorious year! Your 2017 may have been about great moments of happiness and accomplishments, fun and laughter, excitement and anxiety and of course, a few moments of sadness and disappointments. But what is most important is that the happiest month of the year is finally HERE.

Let’s make this December all about surprises, about things we cherish, about people we love, about laughter, fun, festivities, lights, and about all things RED. Introducing to you, the #TFFRedFest – A Countdown to Christmas with all things RED.

As part of the fest, we would be telling you about one red thing around you each day which we think is awesome and also where you can get it from. Whether you want to drop hints to your Secret Santa about these, go enjoy them with a loved one or simply experience them alone and proclaim self-love.
The choice is yours! All we want is for you to enjoy them so that together we can spread the LOVE and HAPPINESS.

Karishma Rajan
The founder of The First Fork, Karishma likes to live in the moment and take life as it comes. Originally from aamchi Pune, she is swalp Bangalorean at heart and loves the Mumbaiya energy! Biking adventures, good food and inappropriate humour are things that get her going and she fantasises about going hitchhiking around the galaxy one day.