How To Do A 6-day Trip To Kerala In Less Than Rs. 20,000 – Part 2


In my previous blog post about my Kerala trip, I told you guys about how you could do exciting things the first three days of your trip while still maintaining your trip budget. Now let’s see how best you could spend the next three days.

First, watch this video, if you haven’t already:

Day 4:

Exploring Munnar:

Drive to the base of Rajamala. Take the hop-on-hop-off bus to Eravikulam National Park from there. The Eravikulam National Park is a splendid spot with amazing views as you walk along the mountain. Don’t forget to check out the little cafe there. They have some delicious desserts like cinnamon sponge cake and chocolate cake priced between Rs. 35/- and Rs. 50/-

Cost of the ticket: Rs. 90/- per person

Eravikulam National Park
Eravikulam National Park

A visit to the tea museum:

At the tea museum they will tell you a short story about how the tea plantations and the tea industry in Munnar actually came into being. The talk is followed by a tour of the factory where you can see the entire process of tea-making being carried out. They also have a shop from where you can purchase tea and other items. They start the museum tour with a very lengthy and boring documentary. You can definitely skip that!

Cost of the ticket: Rs. 125/- per person

View from Mattupetty Dam
View from Mattupetty Dam

Mattupetty Dam:

After checking out the museum, you can head to the Mattupetty dam. This is a beautiful spot where you can click some amazing pictures since the background is splendid. But apart from that there is nothing exciting to do there really so if you are short on time, you can skip this.

Ayurveda Massage:

Get a perfect end to your Day 4 with a relaxing and rejuvenating heart massage from the Mayura Ayurveda city! If not Mayura, find a massage center that is close to your resort so that you can quickly rush home after it and sleep off. Mayura Ayurveda Massage Centre is one of the best in Munnar and consists of a team of professionals who each know the best techniques to give your body the perfect relaxing experience. A full-body massage of 60 minutes will cost you Rs. 1300/-

Alleppey Beach
Alleppey Beach

Day 5:

Drive to Alleppey:

This is going to be the most hectic and exhausting ride of the trip since it is almost six hours long! Most of the road consisted of crazy ghats. If you leave from Munnar at around 8 am you can expect to reach by 2.30 pm. You will be completely drained after this so give yourself some time for relaxation once you reach your home stay in Alleppey.

Food at the beach
Food at the beach

Alleppey Beach:

After taking a nap, you can head to the Alleppey beach which is one of the most accessible beaches of Kerala. The beach is packed on Sundays as locals and tourists from all over head there to spend some time with their families or friends. So you can try and avoid that day. Unfortunately, the beach is quite badly maintained with trash in most of the areas. That will be a disappointing site to see considering that all of the rest of Kerala is so clean. But you can eat some amazing food at the beach, including fried fish!

Chicken Cutlet: Rs. 10/- per piece
Plate of fried fish: Rs. 30/- per plate (Yes, super cheap!)

Dinner at Makani:

If you are a fan of North Indian food (yes, I’m talking about Butter Chicken and Naan), don’t be afraid to be typical and head to a place which serves that. Haha! That’s what I did. And it was surprisingly really good too! A meal for four consisting of Butter Chicken, Dal Tadka, Rotis, Naan, Jeera Rice and Raita cost us Rs. 500.

Boat ride in Alleppey backwaters
Boat ride in Alleppey backwaters

Day 6:

Boat ride in Alleppey Backwaters:

This will be one of your most exciting (and must I say, relaxed) days of the trip. You can head to the Alleppey backwaters for a boat ride where they will take you to the innermost parts of the canals. It’s a 3-hour ride so it tends to get a little monotonous but you have no choice if you want to get a full-fledged experience. There is an option for a one-hour ride but that would mean you get to see only bits of it.

Stop by at a Toddy shop and you can get some freshly prepared toddy to add to the relaxed and calm atmosphere around you. You will see sights of beautiful houseboats, floating hospitals and schools, boat stops (yes, just like bus stops) and fishermen going from house to house selling fresh fish.

Cost of boat: Rs. 600/- per hour (Rs. 1800/- for three hours)


We did dinner at Seagull again because I loved the place. You could do that too or choose any other restaurant. It wouldn’t cost you more than Rs. 500/- per person (dinner + beer)

Fly to Pune:

We spent the night at Fort Kochi since we had an early morning flight to Pune so we wanted to stay close to the airport. It did turn out to be convenient so you can do that too. We stayed at Hotel Fort Castle.

I have already shared the details and costs of hotels in my first post. In case you missed that, click here.

For driving around, we hired an Innova along with a full-time driver. He was a great driver so I’d definitely recommend him. Along with driving us around, he also played the role of a part-time tour guide. Haha!

Here are his details:

Name: Sajeesh

Contact Number: 9749793840

Charges: Rs. 1000-Rs. 1500 per day (depending on the number of hours)

Along with that, you need to pay for the diesel and his accommodation and meals.

Here is a final breakdown of all the expenses of our trip:

Hotels: Rs. 5000/-
Day 1: Rs. 1,150/-
Day 2: Rs. 1700/-
Day 3: Rs. 404/-
Day 4: Rs. 1,515/-
Day 5: Rs. 540/-
Day 6: Rs. 950/-

Total: Rs. 11,259/- (round off to Rs. 11,300)

Car + Driver Charges = Rs. 12,000 (approx.) i.e. Rs. 3000 per person

For any meals, tips or extra costs that I may have missed, let’s add another Rs. 2000/-

You still have about Rs. 3700 left for shopping! Woohoo.

You can pick up handmade soaps (of up to 30 flavours), lovely elephant souvenirs, customized key holders, spices from the spice garden, specialized oils or Ayurvedic medicines (if you suffer from any specific health conditions) and perhaps a Malabari saree! There’s a lot you can do in Rs. 3700 so just make sure you make the best of it!

Have a great trip!

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