Game of Beers – A Review of The Beer Café


They say when in Rome, do as the Romans do, and when in Germany do as the Germans do. The same goes for any other place in the world. But what if you are given a chance to do things like any of these people while sitting only at one place here in Pune?  Yes! That is the kind of experience The Beer Café is here to offer! The last time I a witnessed a pretty impressive collection of imported brands of beer was at Best Brews, but I have to say that after checking out what The Beer Café has to offer I was left feeling equally amazed.

Non-Veg Platter
Non-Veg Platter

With the likes of German and Belgium brands of beers such as Hoegarden and Erdinger on tap, this place is flowing with a wide variety of them. Another 56 brands of bottled beers ranging from Stout, Lager, Pale Ale, Dry Stout, Dark Wheat, etc. leave you completely flabbergasted and confused as to which one you should order. The Bira White is a perfect option for someone who loves the original taste of beer, it is light on the stomach and goes down smoothly. The Bira Blonde has a slight tinge of bitter to it. The Erdinger is another wheat beer which is very easy going for regular beer drinkers. The most interesting beer of the lot I tried was the Erdinger Dunkel because it is a German Dark Wheat beer but is still light in consumption, and goes down easily, unlike other dark beers. The variety in choices can leave you confused so you can ask for testers for beers on the tap, and choose accordingly. Also, the testers are free! Woot! Woot!

Carnivorous Treat Pizza
Carnivorous Treat Pizza

For food, you can choose from the Beer Bites, consisting of dishes like Fish Fingers and Butter Garlic Prawns or Canteen Favourites like Chicken Tikka Maggi or Tandoori Sausage Maggi. Yes! Maggi with beer! We ordered the non-veg platter, which consisted of portions of four different chicken and fish appetizers served with green chutney and a dip. All of them were yummy but my favourite was the fish. Perfectly cooked, it was prepared with just the right amount of flavour and spices! For main course, we got the Carnivorous Treat Pizza which consisted of chicken sausages, BBQ chicken, piri piri chicken, jalapenos and basil. I don’t know if it was the clutter of the toppings or the lack of it, but the pizza wasn’t exactly the best I’ve had so I wouldn’t recommend it. You could maybe try another flavour if you’re a pizza fan.


Perks of going to Beer Café? For one, they have free wifi. Yes, we all know that’s a big perk! You can indulge in a session of board games which are kept there if you’re there for longer hours. I, personally, love places that have games. There’s a foosball table too! Happy hours are from 12 pm to 7 pm and the manager, Rishi, is happy to extend them at times, especially for regulars. Come on a Saturday night and you can witness live performances from local Pune bands and groove to their music. Service is great, staff is friendly, and there is outside seating arrangement too, which will give a nice and chill vibe to your evening.

The Beer Cafe - Pune-min

So get going and check off The Beer Café of your bucket list of must-visit places in the city. After your first visit, you might just love it so much that you’ll become a regular!

Picture Courtesy: The Beer Cafe, Deepa Mistry

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