A friendship as sweet as this!

With Friendship’s Day Just Around The Corner, Here Is A Quick Drive Through Memory Lane


This Friendship’s Day, we are taking you down the road of nostalgia, recounting all the places in Pune which you would have spent with your gang. Serving as a rite of passage from your school days to the adult you’ve now become, these places are not only iconic but also play along on the friendship theme. How? Read on to find out!

Yummy sandwiches at Marz-o-Rin

1. Marz-O-Rin:

This place feels like it’s been there forever (it probably has). Over the years, Marz-O-Rin has made a place in every Puneri’s heart. Post-school dates, gossip sessions with besties, pointless meet-ups with favourite people, Marz-o-Rin has made a footnote in a lot of memories. Be it their chicken sandwiches, or their cold coffee, there is something for everyone! The friendship goals here definitely are the sandwiches and shakes. Vegetarian, chutney, chicken, cheese, tofu, there is a plethora of options to choose from! Just like you and your BFF, nothing goes better with sandwiches than milkshakes. Their strawberry milkshake is definitely worth a try!

Nothing like a good bun maska chai

2. Cafe Goodluck:

This classic college katta has seen more students than classrooms ever have. Right from being a go-to place for bunked classes to catching up on a quick bite, this student adda is surely loved by all. Open from 7 in the morning right up to 11:30 at night, its Bun Maska & Chai combo is the best, although there are plenty of other food options as well. Just like your friendship, Bun Maska-Chai is hot at times and sweet on occasions; the bun is soft and tender and the extra butter does the job of greasing certain situations. Be it you buying breakfast for your friend because you lost a bet, or vice-versa, Cafe Goodluck has loads of memories attached to it.

Comfort food like no other

3. Burger:

Burger, or as most of us know as the real ‘Burger King’, has been feeding the Pune population with delicious, meaty burgers for more than two decades now. Priced very reasonably, the King Burger Sausage Surprise has been everyone’s favourite order. Considering the pocket money you would get back in the day, this was the perfect spot for lunch or a post college bite. Sasta ani tikav is exactly what sums up Burger! These burgers, albeit messy, are nothing short of comfort food. And what goes best with burgers? (no, not beer, though I think they’d make an excellent pair) FRIES! And yes, I would like some extra fries with that. Hot, crispy delicious fries. Yum, yum!

a match made in heaven
Cheesy Goodnesss, Hic!

4. High Spirits:

Love it or hate it, there is no denying it. High Spirits has been home to a big chunk of people for years now, be it for their hospitality, crazy offers or dirt cheap alcohol. The legendary Sunday Cookouts have always been the highlight of the week. Back in the day, if your birthday happened to fall on a Tuesday or Thursday, you knew exactly where to head! Cheap beers, and cocktails, their pizzas have also been much loved. Pizza and beer- a classic combo! In times of cash crunches, you don’t want to spend your money on an array of starters. And hence a pizza is the perfect alternative to satisfy both hunger and greed. Their BBQ Chicken Pizza and the Marina Pizza are things you must try; all their seafood pizzas are delicious!

popcorn for life!

5. Elephant and Company:

More popularly known as ECO, Elephant and Company is the big daddy of High Spirits. From well-concocted drinks to the extremely courteous and friendly staff, ECO has a very warm and welcoming vibe working for it. Buzzing atmosphere, groovy music and potent drinks, what’s not to love about ECO? As one of the best bars in the city, their cocktail game is on point! And I cannot think of anything else that is more synonymous with ECO than their popcorn! Addictive as hell, that hot, buttery popcorn perfectly complements the cocktails. Just like your friendship has matured from school to college days, this place is the epitome of your relationships. Moving past all the above phases, this is where you grab a beer and reminisce all the good times. This is setting some major friendship goals, you’ll!

Do we really need a day to remind us to embrace all the friendships we have built and treasured, old and the new? NO! But this does give us an excuse to catch up. So take some time off from your busy schedules and just have some fun, with a beer in hand of course! HAPPY FRIENDSHIP’S DAY, you guys!

Picture Courtesy: Elephant and Company, Pune365, TripAdvisor, Quora, TrendMantra, MulPix

Sanaa Nalwalla
A daydreamer by day, Sanaa is an avid food lover, always in search of the perfect bite! She is best at being a goof by day and an adventurous keeda by night.