Freshmenu – Revolutionizing the food delivery system in Bangalore

As the trend of online food delivery is catching up, I can safely say that Freshmenu is one of the top notch websites in this industry and is doing an amazing job at it! Right from the way the food has been presented on the website, the layout of the pictures and details to the first communication you have with them, the service, and the packaging, everything is rather impressive and will almost take you by surprise the first time you receive your order.

They are currently running their delivery systems in 13 areas across Bangalore and are expanding and the sixth one is due to open shortly. I ordered from the one at Indiranagar. Another exciting fact is that they have a new menu every day! The food items range from sandwiches to pastas and salads, and well, to complete a good meal, even desserts. All the items on the menu are priced between the ranges of 100 to 300 bucks and are inclusive of all taxes. This is an extremely good deal, since most of the reasonably priced restaurants with good food turn out to be expensive simply because of the taxes.

We ordered the Sliced Roast Chicken and Baked Beans Sandwich along with a Greek Salad. The food was delivered in 45 minutes as promised and was beautifully packed in dispensable plastic boxes. The sandwich was yummy, filling and was served along with potato wedges, mayo salad and fresh fruits cut into pieces. The bread was soft, delicious and one of the best I’ve ever had. The salad was served in a smaller box and was equally yummy with just the right amount of olives and feta cheese in it. I have to say, I was highly impressed.

Apart from their regular food, they also have a salad subscription for 1500 bucks, in which they deliver different salads for you at your home or office for a period of 20 days. The type of salads keeps on rotating according to their regular menu. Now, that’s really exciting. The day I decide to stop junk food and stick to a healthy diet, I’d love to subscribe to it!

Overall, I think Freshmenu is doing a brilliant job and is revolutionizing the meal delivery system in Bangalore. I’m definitely going to keep ordering from them more often since all the items on the menu look delicious and I’d like to try them all.

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Karishma Rajan

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