Italian Guy’s Dream Pizza In India – Piccola Roma


Let me start this post with a question. What happened when you were in Goa? I’m sure that this question triggered a string of random, unique yet marvelous experiences in your head, which you will cherish for a lifetime. So when I went to Goa for the first time recently, how could it be a trip that I would not remember?

Let me tell you the story of an Italian-German traveler who I met in Goa. At 45, Mario has traveled to 20 countries including France, Germany, Russia, Turkey, the United States, etc. I happened to meet him at the pool deck of my hotel and as filmy as it may sound, our conversation started when he noticed me fussing over the taste of my margarita. Haha! We both got talking, and next thing we knew, we started bonding over our love for food. On learning that I was a food blogger on the hunt for new flavours and food, he recommended that I try this pizza place nearby. He really swore by it and totally managed to convince me to try it when he told me that he found the pizza there more delicious than the pizza back home in Italy! Yes! A claim like that would get anyone intrigued, wouldn’t it?

Yummy pizzas at Piccola Roma, Goa
Yummy pizzas at Piccola Roma, Goa


So the next morning, a bunch of friends and I decided that we go to Piccola Roma, the Indian pizza place that an Italian loved more than any place in Italy itself! Piccola Roma has two outlets in Goa, one at Calangute and the other at Vagator; we went to the latter.

The first reason why I was so impressed with the place was because it had an open barbecue and fire-oven! These things added to the ambiance of the place, especially in the evening. The place, I’d say, is for both, the pizza-beer-lovers as well as the wine-cheese-lovers. One may choose to either sit in the more casual, close-to-the-floor seating arrangement under the tree or lounge on the fine dine chairs carved like leaves.

Piccola Roma, Goa
Piccola Roma, Goa

The second reason for my love-at-first-sight for the place was that they served fresh cold pressed juice, as well as put olive oil in their pizzas! This got my attention since both these items are rather rare and in my opinion, are modern, delicious and healthy alternatives in terms of food. In veg, we ordered the Pizza Bellisima, which was pizza topped with tomato sauce, artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, olive and rucula. This was from their No Cheese Pizza collection. In non-veg, we called for the Pizza Napoli, which was essentially fresh tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, capers and anchovies! Both the pizzas were super yummy. The No Cheese one came with a cheese sauce and the non-veg one was topped with just the right amount of cheese. Ones fond of them cheese burst pizzas may find themselves a little disappointed, though. The crust was freshly baked, slim and crisped to perfection! I’d totally recommend both of these preparations.

Pizza Bellisima and Pizza Napoli at Piccola Roma, Goa
Pizza Bellisimo and Napoli Pizza at Piccola Roma, Goa

If you go to Piccola Roma and do not close your meal with their hot latte and a serving of their Profite’ Roles Al Choccolato, you are definitely not doing it right! Profite’ Roles Al Choccolato are essentially crispy shells filled with gooey white cream and topped with hot chocolate sauce. And yes, they taste as delicious as they sound! The combination tastes so subtle and divine that I can literally taste in my mouth every time I think of it. Everything else on the dessert menu but this is not that Italian.

Profite’ Roles Al Choccolato at Piccola Roma, Goa
Profite’ Roles Al Choccolato at Piccola Roma, Goa

The place doesn’t have much of a view going by the standards of an average Goa restaurant. However, this place provides you with authentic Italian food, good service, and a great holiday experience, no matter what your taste! So the next time you decide to go off on a vacation amidst the sand and the sea, head to Vagator and try these amazing pizzas! You are sure to love them!

P.S. There is also a bakery across the road, with no name on it. They have nutty walnut fudge brownies you could die for! Do try.

Sakshi Sirari
An educational and social worker, Sakshi is a collector of odd objects and a seeker of the unknown. She believes that the world is a madhouse and food is her asylum. She's here to share her stories of experiential eating!