The Stunning Red Dream Catcher by Dark Reflections – #TFFRedFest


It’s Day 2 of the #TFFRedFest and for today’s red pick we have Siddhi Shah’s majestic Red Dream Catcher! An amazing creation on its own, the Red Dream Catcher can be customized in your preferred way and be made into dream catcher key chains, wall hangings, hair accessory, earrings and much more.

Siddhi Shah
Siddhi Shah

One of the very first dream catcher artists in the city, Siddhi Shah, took everyone by storm when she introduced her fabulous range of the threaded creations a few years back. Youngsters went berserk with what she had to offer and instantly fell in love with her creations!

It is said that humans spend about 1/3rd of their lives sleeping, and perhaps, a good amount of that time dreaming too. With dreams carrying so much importance, it is indeed a good idea to try to recall some of your dreams and depict their meaning; and that’s precisely why we chose this Dream Catcher!

Today, Shah is the proud owner of ‘Dark Reflections,’ a platform wholly dedicated to dream catchers of all sorts along with a variety of DIY arts, crafts, and other interesting products. A travel-fanatic and hardcore drum lover, Siddhi has always been into doing things a little differently, perhaps a quality that has brought her so far and made her a big name when it comes to budding artists in the city.

Additionally, Dark Reflections also features a range of handmade soaps, jewelry, home décor items, custom ashtrays, coasters, pouches etc. You can check them all out on her website or Facebook page.

Picture Courtesy: Tattoo Cultr Blog, Dark Reflections

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