Now you can enjoy delicious home-made cheese sauces at your doorstep with Moreish

Whether you add it to your pasta or lasagna, or simply have it as a dip with chips or nachos, a good-tasting cheese sauce is something that can really brighten up your day! (or suffice mid-night hunger cravings) And, that’s exactly what Moreish provides.

A brand which makes 100% vegetarian products, Moreish boasts of some delicious food items such Garlic Cheese Spread, Mint Cheese Spread and Herb Cheese Spread. Another one of their best-sellers is the Peri Peri Masala, which also comes in different flavours.

Love munchies? Call for the pack of Chocolate Granola or Lavash and you’re all set to have it with the sauces. And if you’re in the mood for some experimentation in the kitchen, you can quickly put together a full-fledged Indian Burrito for yourself using the Moreish cheese sauce. Wondering how?

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Location: Aundh
Delivery locations: All of Pune + parts of Mumbai
Contact: 9822074668

Karishma Rajan

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