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Abyangam – The Perfect Mid-Week Stress Buster

What is good health? Good health can be achieved by eating right, sleeping for adequate hours and maintaining a clean and hygienic body. But how many of us actually manage to accomplish all of this? With my late working hours, insomniac nature and unhealthy eating habits, I know I absolutely don’t! So I decided to give my body some pampering and care in the form of a massage. This form of Ayurvedic massage, popularly known as Abhyanga or Abyangam, is one of the most important massages for achieving good health and longevity. It also helps to prevent aging, reduces fatigue and diminishes other harmful effects caused to our bodies during the course of our hectic routines.

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Summer Splash at The Four Fountains De-Stress Spa

Be it any season, the thought of a spa gets all the muscles of my body super excited. The anticipation of being pampered with aromatic oils and gels by experts only to leave your body feeling super soft and refreshed is amazing and like no other. Not to forget that it leaves your body with a tinge of the aroma of the oil or gel, and for me, that adds to the beauty and luxury of the entire process.

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My Food. My Rules. myDaily.

I am a big foodie! If the number of food reviews on my blog and the constant food posts on all my social media handles does not prove it then I don’t know what will. I can eat food anytime and anywhere, especially if the food is my favourite. But some days I just don’t feel it. I wake up in the morning and conveniently start my day directly with lunch not even realizing that I missed the most important meal of the day! Reason? Maybe I woke up late, I had an early morning work skype call or I was caught up with submissions. The food that mom cooked was just not appealing enough for me and I had no time to get something together for myself.

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Oh Please! It’s GoCheese!

Ever wondered how the best part of your pizza slice, the cheese, is actually made? Apart from the fact that milk is the major ingredient in it, none of us have ever delved into the actual nitty-gritty of its production. My ears popped up when I heard of a cheese factory tour being organized by the popular cheese brand, GoCheese, and I decided to go check it out! The event was organized in association with Femina and I have to admit that it was quite an experience!

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