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Enjoy your cheat day with chit-chatting at this lovely café in NIBM – Café Cheat Day


After a long day of work, all you need is a hot cuppa of coffee with your bestie at a cozy and comfortable place. But when you have places like Café Cheat Day, you might just want to replace the coffee with a gooey and filling and shawarma!

About a month old, Café Cheat Day is one of the newest cafes in town and works around the concept of bringing the authentic culture of the middle-east here to Pune. And their funky wall graphics, tiled staircases, beautiful night lamps and artefacts totally justify the fact. What we loved most is the detailing on the walls, where the owner, Fardeen, has showcased the story of how he, along with his wife and son, came all the way from Dubai to Pune. Cute graffiti, pop colours and fairy lights is what makes this café perfectly warm and cozy for all kinds of conversations.

As for the food, the dishes on the menu are kept to a limited. Fardeen prefers quality over quantity! We’d recommend the quick bites under Manakeesh, where you can choose from Cheese with Zaatar (Rs. 125), Cheese with Chicken (Rs. 140) or Cheese with Tomato and Spinach (Rs. 85). You can get your own customized version made! The Shawarmas priced at Rs. 90 are also a great steal.

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Location: Nine Hills, NIBM
Timings: 3 pm to 11 pm

Karishma Rajan
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